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12418 Prayagraj Express New Delhi to Allahabad

12418 Prayagraj Express New Delhi to Allahabad

Prayagraj express is a proud of Prayag, the ancient name of the Allahabad district. The train runs between New Delhi and Allahabad Junction and is a super Fast Train. The average speed of the train has been subsequently increased and it now starts at 9:25 from New Delhi and reaches Allahabad at 6:25 am covering a distance of 634 kilometers. It is one of the longest train not only in India but also in the whole South Asia with 24 coaches. Prayagraj Express has 7 Air condition coaches. You need to make advance reservations, especially during summer months from April to Mid July, during October ( in Diwali season).

The 12418 Prayagraj Express has only 4 stoppages – Ghaziabad, Aligarh Junction, Kanpur Central, and Fatehpur. The Fatehpur stoppage was added during the tenure of VP Singh.

You may also like to consider the New Delhi Allahabad Duranto Express and Rewanchal Express for Travel between Allahabad and New Delhi.

There is also an Air India Flight between New Delhi and Allahabad – takes just one and a half hour.

Prior to the 5 digit Train number, the Prayagraj Express had a train number of 2417.

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Train No Train Name Runs From Source Runs On
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Route No. Arrival Time Dep. Time Halt Time (In Minutes) Distance Day Remark
1 NDLS NEW DELHI 1 Source 21:25 0 1
2 GZB GHAZIABAD 1 22:00 22:02 2:00 26 1
3 ALJN ALIGARH JN 1 23:19 23:22 3:00 132 1
4 TDL TUNDLA JN 1 00:25 00:28 3:00 210 2
5 CNB KANPUR CENTRAL 1 03:25 03:30 5:00 440 2
6 FTP FATEHPUR 1 04:28 04:30 2:00 517 2
7 ALD ALLAHABAD JN 1 06:45 Destination 634 2

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