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2010 Ford Escape Price and Review

About 2010 Ford Escape

Ford has been in business for a while to learn what the consumers exactly what from their crossover SUV vehicle. Hence, they are introducing a compact SUV model which is patterned after a 4-door wagon and comes with 5-seating capacity for passengers via the 2010 Ford Escape. Since this model was launched in the market in 2009, it has been generating an overall positive response. Read on below to find out why.

The 2010 Ford Escape models feature a V6 engine and one that comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission for a highly responsive driving performance. This powertrain shines basically for its transmission features that can downshift or upshift in a snappy manner. Although it is equipped with a CVT system, it isn’t something that you would necessary refer to as quick.

When it comes to fuel economy, the 2010 Ford Escape have a slight bias on highway driving as it performs better with an average of 20.0 mpg. On the other hand, driving this vehicle model during hot weather conditions while using the air conditioning unit offered an average mpg of 24.5. When using it on a sub-zero weather, the average mpg stands at 25.9. In a mild weather, you can get 28.2 mpg as an average.

The basic design of this vehicle model is pretty basic but is nonetheless pleasant and does have its own stylish appeal. There are a few issues with the steering wheel but the body does a good job overall with the controls. You can also benefit from low-speed maneuvering via the tiny turning radius incorporated in the model. Both the conventional and hybrid model comes with a four-cylinder engine that deliver smooth and quiet driving.

Pro’s of 2010 Ford Escape

*The V6 engine delivers optimum acceleration capacity;

*The passenger and cargo room provides enough space for a comfortable riding experience;

*Ample space is available on the interior for the knees and legs;

*The vehicle design offers maximum visibility to ensure safe driving.

Con’s of 2010 Ford Escape

*The engine might be powerful, but there are several issues with the wind and engine noise produced by the vehicle;

*The quality of the interior materials are a bit lacking;

*The car details are disappointing overall, notably the odd panel textures and low-buck atmosphere.

Pricing Details

The 2010 Ford Escape belongs to the frugal category, which is impressive given the quality of driving power. This particular model is priced at an MSRP of $20,515 and it can go up to as high as $34,010. Hence, this vehicle model belongs to the affordable price range in the market.

The Bottom Line

The 2010 Ford Escape is a compact crossover that certainly deliver a lot of strength in terms of styling and performance. Auto consumers with a specific taste for comfortable riding wil surely enjoy its spacious accommodation, meanwhile you can enjoy excellent driving with theĀ  6-speed automatic transmission. There is also an option for a hybrid model that lets you choose between ones powered by gas or electric power. Indeed, there is enough flexibility here that will be worth every penny you pay for.

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