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2010 Ford Fusion Price and Review

About 2010 Ford Fusion

The 2009 and earlier model releases for the Ford Fusion was met with several discrepancies and various issues with its design and functionality. Hence, engineers and manufacturers go back to the drawing board on this one in the hopes of offering a few improvements. Did the 2010 Ford Fusion address these issues? Find out the answer below.

Some of the consumers might relegate the Ford Fusion lineup as their last of picks. But they could be dead wrong about this choice since the 2010 Ford Fusion has got a lot under its sleeve. First off, the four-cylinder engine used on this vehicle delivers superb fuel efficiency, even if you are using the front- or all-wheel-drive system. You can also trust the AWD  system to deliver reliable performance even during lousy weather.

The awkward styling is probably the reason to blame for the rather unusual unpopularity of this model. It appears to have a cheap, plastic interiors. The lack of advanced features and functionalities that other vehicle models would consider as standard is also putting off consumers, such as a navigation system.

When it comes to fuel economy, you can enjoy great mileage with the 2010 Ford Fusion since it comes with an average 22 miles per gallon when driving this on a city. Driving this vehicle on a highway even increases that number up to 31 mpg, which applies for the SE and SEL, four-cylinder automatic transmission models. The lowest performing model in the lineup in terms of fuel mileage is the 3.0-liter V6 engine with Front-Wheel drive at 18 mpg on the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

Pro’s of 2010 Ford Fusion

*The exterior styling is superb and reflect the modern driving experience;

*The quality of the interior seats are much improved from the previous model;

*The back seat space is quite roomy, thus providing enough legroom for passengers;

*It performs an excellent driving as compared to some other midsized sedans in the market.

Con’s of 2010 Ford Fusion

*This lacks the sporty feel and approach to driving as with its rivals;

*This is not ideal for drivers looking for a trusty sports sedan.

Pricing Details

If you like what you’re seeing so far with the 2010 Ford Fusion, the next step to consider is now the pricing. With this one, it still falls under the affordable pricing category, although you can expect the price range to go up with the higher end models in the lineup. The base model’s price is expected to start at $19,995 – not the cheapest in town, but not the most expensive either. The most expensive model in the line is expected at around $29,545.

The Bottom Line

If you are shopping around for a comfortable and reliable midsized sedan in the market, then you should seriously consider getting the 2010 Ford Fusion model. Although you will find a lot of feature-filled vehicular models today, rarely will you be able to find one that comes with a unique fun-to-drive factor and that is surely what you are going to enjoy with this one.

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