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2010 Honda Accord Review and Prices

About 2010 Honda Accord

With Honda releasing Accord models for the past few years, all attention is set into the all-new 2010 Honda Accord and what fresh new styling or features it can bring to the table. This lineup basically offers a 4-door wagon and 2-door coupe into the market. To get a closer glimpse into the set of features you can enjoy for the money, you can get more details below.

There are four choices available for consumers on trim levels for the 2010 Honda Accord: LX, LX-P, EX, and the EX-L. There are several safety features incorporated into this vehicle model to ensure that you can ride securely throughout all driving conditions. Some of the basic safety features included are traction control, curtain side airbags, front side airbags, ABS, and an anti-skid system. Meanwhile, you can enjoy advanced entertainment features on some of the models such as a wireless cellphone link and leather upholstery for the EX-L models. On the other hand, you can also avail of a navigation system for some of the models, which will eventually vary the pricing.

On automatic transmission, the 2010 Honda Accord delivers up to 177 horsepower while the four-cylinder engine on the EX model can produce a maximum of 190 horsepower. The automatic transmission for the model is commendable with lots of muscle available for easy passing. Meanwhile, the parts are well-equipped to deliver a more precise shifting mechanism and smooth clutching.

Like with all previous Accord models, this one comes with a solid build. However, its styling is leaning more on the sporty side, as with most other models in the past.

2010 Honda Accord provide avg mpg of  22 miles on city and 31 miles on highway

Pro’s of 2010 Honda Accord

*The 2010 Honda Accord comes with a wide range of refinements from the previous model;

*It delivers ultra-responsive steering and handling mechanism;

*It offers value pricing that make this car model worth every penny you paid for;

*Good balance in performance, passenger accommodations, and a wide range of features.

Con’s of 2010 Honda Accord

*Lack of significant changes to the styling and engine performance that would earn it distinction;

*The large bumps could deliver some level of harshness into the model;

*Pronounced vibrations can be felt on the vehicle body, especially when idle.

Pricing Details

If there is one strong feature about the 2010 Honda Accord, it would have to be the fact that it remains to be one of the most affordable models in the market. Experts auto critics have estimated the pricing to be not too far ahead of its predecessors, which should range from $21,055 to the most expensive model priced at $31,105.

The Bottom Line

Although Honda has earned its reputation in the auto industry, the lack of major changes in the 2010 Honda Accord model leads one to contemplate on whether to opt for this model or some of the earlier releases. There are slight variations and new refinements while the driving performance and handling is unmatched for this one, but it still remains to be seen how well it could compete with other four-door sedans in the market.

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