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2010 Honda Civic Review and Prices

About 2010 Honda Civic

From the 2009 model, there is no drastic surprises or breakthrough changes for the 2010 Honda Civic. And yet, it promises to make its own point in the market and earning its distinction as one of the top contenders. How does it do that? Find out more below from the review.

Q. Who are the competitors for the 2010 Honda Civic ?

A. The Ford Focus, 2011 Toyota Corolla, 2011 Hyudai Elantra give good competition to Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has, however, been able to command higher price because of it reputation as a quality car manufacturer. Honda Civic also has some edge in term of engine power.

Q. Should I buy 2010 Honda Civic or the 2011 Honda Civic ?

A. The 2010 Honda Civic should give you slight price advantage. The 2011 Honda Civic should offer advantage in terms of the resale value, if you plan to sell in in near future.

Q. Any comment on the Styling for 2011 Honda Civic ?

Majority of the styling elements for the 2010 Honda Civic remains unchanged although the most telling difference is that the color of the plastic engine has been switched to black from the previous silver color. Honda has managed to hold its position for delivering a style that was known for its idiosyncratic attributes. On the inside,  the vehicle is roomy even while it looks small from outside.

Q. Any comment on the Engine and Mechanics ?

All vehicles in this model range will offer the front-wheel drive system. The are all  four-cylinder engine . The three main 2010 Honda Civic models base DX,  the highest selling LX, and the upscale EX. All of these models are  equipped with the 1.8-liter engine to produce maximum 140 horsepower. All  standard safety and entertainment features are incorporated.

Q. What are the mileage for the 2010 Honda Civic ?

A. Honda civic has mpg of 25 miles at city and 36 at highway

Pro’s of 2010 Honda Civic

*It delivers maximum comfort ride and improved handling system;

* Roomy interior even when it looks small.

*It enables you to achieve better mileage with enhanced fuel economy.

*It comes with an efficient resale value and deliver optimum reliability.

Con’s of 2010 Honda Civic

*The rear seat room for the coupe is a bit limiting;

*The instrument panel design might be inaccessible and too ambitious for the common user;

*The SI models for the 2010 Honda Civic might suffer from brittle ride conditions.

Pricing Details

Honda Civic is quite a unique vehicle series since it is one of few small cars with such an expansive range of models in their lineup. Thus, it is very ideal for budget-conscious auto consumers as it enables them to choose from variant specifications of vehicles to suit their driving needs and budget. The 2010 Honda Civic is estimated at $17,115 for a model that consist of an air conditioning system and stereo. The one with an automatic transmission comes with a slight price increase, specifically tagged at $17,915.

With the addition of other features and enhancements to the vehicle model, then you could expect the pricing to go up accordingly. The current estimated price range for this 2011  of models is expected to be somewhere between $16,365 and $24,965.

The Bottom Line

The 2010 Honda Civic is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a car that delivers maximum fuel economy, without needing to empty their pocket on more expensive hybrid models.  HOnda Civic posses a forward-looking styling, and precision engineering from some of the best in the industry.  The car has been know for its quality for a long time. It just might not be as top of the line as the manufacturers would have hoped for, but for those who see its merit will also enjoy driving this car around.

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