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2010 Honda CR-V Price and Review

About 2010 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V lineup has had a long history. Hence, the 2010 Honda CR-V was one of the much anticipated vehicle releases last year. To learn more about how this vehicle performs, you can get extensive details about this vehicle below.

The fuel economy gets a lot of focus for the 2010 Honda CR-V model’s release since there seemed to be a recent surge (by the time of its release) of vehicles that focused more on styling rather than providing better mileage. However, this vehicle offered excellent fuel economy with an average of 25.5 miles per gallon for highway driving while utilizing a regular-grade gas.

When it comes to the overall driving experience, this compact vehicle offers impressive maneuvering ability that makes it really fun to drive. The steering is equipped with a nice weight to it but very accurate and highly communicative. The brakes are also very efficient and offers full stop control. The addition of extra 14 horsepower to this model, in comparison to the 2009 models, it therefore introduces a snappier acceleration capacity at all speeds. However, it does not quite match the acceleration performance for those with V6 engines yet.

The controls for the 2010 Honda CR-V model are easy to reach, large, and clear. However, the radio buttons were rather small such that quick operation is often a difficult challenge for drivers to operate. But passengers will be delighted with the level of fine detail given to its interiors, which indeed lives up to the standard that Honda itself has established. Some of the notable features for the interior of this vehicle include supportive seats, spacious cargo space, plenty of legroom, and a comfortable take-charge stance while driving.

Pro’s of 2010 Honda CR-V

*It comes with optimum build quality that is solid and practical;

*Fuel economy is superb;

*The passenger and cargo room provides efficient space within;

*Assembly quality is superior.

Con’s of 2010 Honda CR-V

*Road and wind noise is annoying, regardless of the road type;

*Acceleration capacity still needs improvement.

Pricing Details

The 2010 Honda CR-V is a bit on the expensive side when it released in the market. Price for different models and trim levels is a bit high than market average with the cheapest model priced at $21,545 and the most expensive model at $29,745.

Here is a close look into the pricing information for the CR-V models: LX 2WD at $21,545, EX 2WD at $23,845, EX 4WD at $25,095, EX-L 2WD at $$26,495, EX- 2WD with Navigation at $28,495, EX-L 4WD at $27,745, EX-L 4WD with Navigation at $29,745, and LX 4WD at $22,795.

The Bottom Line

For the patrons of Honda and the CR-V lineup in general, you will surely be delighted with the release of the 2010 Honda CR-V. In addition to an updated styling, what auto consumers will be mostly delighted about is the additional power and more efficient fuel economy. You can therefore enjoy maximum benefits with this vehicle in terms of practical driving and everyday transportation purposes.

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