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2010 Honda Odyssey vs 2011 Toyota Sienna

If you are looking for buying then minivan there is possibility of getting confused, because so many vehicles are available in market and question like which make to buy, what the maker offers etc arises in mind. Though there are number of minivan models to choice with but the latest minivan from Honda and Toyota have gone beyond expectations. When it comes to compare 2010 Honda Odyssey and the 2011 Toyota Sienna, it seems that the duo secured the top place when style, comfort, and safety are the matter of concerned.

Let us see what 2010 Honda Odyssey and 2011 Toyota Sienna offers

The 2010 Honda Odyssey is a standard seating eight passenger’s minivan, having leather interior. The vehicle comes with GPS system and incorporates rear-seat leisure and it costs around $41,500.

While 2011 Toyota Sienna has similar specification that is eight passengers vehicle, interior is done with leather, incorporates GPS, and rear-seat amusement. But there is difference in costs.2011 Sienna will come at price of $42,300 approx.

Similarities between 2011 Toyota Sienna and 2010 Honda Odyssey

Both 2011 Sienna and 2010 Odyssey offers features like power lift gate, power seats with adjustment features, triple zone climate controls, blue-tooth connectivity, and back up camera sensors.

Dissimilarities between 2011 Odyssey and 2011 Sienna

The main difference between 2011 Honda Odyssey and the 2011 Toyota Sienna is the removal ability of second row seating in 2011 Odyssey. Consumers mainly opt for 2011 model of Odyssey over 2011 Toyota sienna due to its movability of second row seating. The removing job can be done by a teenager also; is that simple and it makes the vehicle light in weight.

After removing second row seating the passenger of third row seating will have access from the side door. This is one of the most determinate points while buying a minivan. Most consumers preferred this.

But we can’t ignore 2011 Toyota Sienna’s second row captains chairs reclining feature. However, one can remove these seats as well but the job is not that easy. It needs lots of effort to remove them.

2011 Toyota Sienna offers beeping feature. When the door of the vehicle will open or close, it will produce beep sound and also beeps when you put or deploy and seat. There is small delay in time while hatching or sliding door using remote feature.

2011 Toyota Sienna offers typical twin moonroofs that you will not found on 2011 Odyssey.  The moonroofs provide the backseat passengers a thrilling experience of open sky. It also offers keyless ignition and entry system which 2010 Honda Odyssey lacks.

For Manual gear selection 2011 Sienna is perfect for you.

2011 Toyota Sienna will provide optional cruise control where as 2011 Odyssey lacks the feature

2nd row storage feature is available in 2010 Honda odyssey while absent in 2011 Toyota Sienna.

Final thought

Both the 2010 Honda Odyssey and the 2011 Toyota Sienna minivans provide enormous interior space. Now it’s up to you which vehicle suited best to you. But Before buying the vehicles you must consider about your family needs and lifestyle. Both the minivans are highest rated vehicles in today’s market.

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