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2011 Buick Lucerne Review and Prices

About 2011 Buick Lucerne

The Lucerne series has not really sealed its position in its class in the market. Therefore, the manufacturers are incorporating some key features into the 2011 Buick Lucerne to truly gain its niche in the market. If you are contemplating on getting one yourself, then make sure you read more below to find out.

The 2011 Buick Lucerne is a full-sized luxury sedan that delivers maximum precision in terms of style, engine, and the interior quality. The body style for this one is largely similar to the 2010 model, which offers a streamlined and elegant styling approach. The exterior styling is accentuated with a chrome decklid molding and chrome grille, indeed making a perfect fit for luxury vehicle class. Both the front and rear fascia also matches the color of the vehicle’s main portion. Meanwhile, there are four trim levels to choose from: CX, CXL, CXL Premium, and Super.

When you examine the interiors of the 2011 Buick Lucerne, you will find several luxury features to ensure a comfortable ride. Some of the notable features include the air conditioning unit’s air filtration system, comfortable seating due to the use of suede for its upholstery, and heating and cooling capacities for the leather-trimmed seats. The trunk area also offers a lot of room to accommodate large cargo, which makes it a reliable option of vehicle to use for roadtrips. There are also a generous amount of safety features such as StabiliTrack stability control system, traction control, air bag system, vehicle navigation, stolen vehicle assistance, and automatic crash response.

The engine performance of the 2011 Buick Lucerne offers plenty of power due to its use of the standard V6 engine, capable of producing up to 197 horsepower at frequency of 5200 rpm and deliver 227 pound-feet of torque 3800 rpm. There is also an option for the V8 engine, which delivers up to 275 horsepower at 6000 rpm frequency and 295 pound-feet of torque at 4400 rpm.. The automatic transmission is also a standard option for all models in the range and is mated with a front wheel drive system, despite a short consideration for the rear wheel drive system on this year’s model. Fuel economy rating for the 2011 Buick Lucerne has not been determined yet, but it is expected to deliver decent ratings as the 2010 model did.

Pro’s of 2011 Buick Lucerne

*2011 Buick Lucrene has a lot to offer that many other vehicles in its class cannot;

*This vehicle comes with roomy interiors;

*2011 Lucerne offers comfortable ride;

*The comfortable cruiser is a feature that is unique to luxury cars.

Con’s of 2011 Buick Lucerne

*The price tag is a bit expensive;

*The appearance of the Lucerne is somewhat outdated.

Pricing Details

The actual pricing information for the 2011 Buick Lucerne has yet to be released. However, the base price has been estimated to be at $29,730. You can expect the price to go up as other customizations and upgrade options are incorporated into the final model.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Buick Lucerne is worth considering for anyone looking to purchase a full-sized luxury sedan. There are several options available for the engine type, all of which offer reliable road performance and power. In addition, its extra smooth ride and increased legroom make this a truly luxurious ride.

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