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2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V Review and Price

About 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V

The Cadillac brand has been known for offering marquee luxury cars in the market and they are unveiling the 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V as their most low priced luxury car in the market today. This four-door sedan is this year’s offering from the manufacturer after they unveiled a sports wagon in 2009. But what are the features that consumers can expect here? More details below.

The coupe sedan will be available in either all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. But unlike a regular sedan, this one will be a 2+2, which is basically enough to accommodate four passengers along with some quarters in the back cabin. Although it shares the same platform as a sedan, it does have a few distinctive features to offer consumers looking for something new and unique. Some of the components similar to your regular coupe include center console, front fenders and grille, instrument panel, and headlights. While the 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V comes with a similar wheelbase with a sedan, this one is shorter and lower by two inches each.

2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V

The exterior design for this 2011 model is unique in several different ways. The most noticeable difference would be the use of horizontal rear glass, which enables the windshield to slightly lay back in an extreme angle. Meanwhile, the door handles have been dumped and replaced with touchpads instead. Other unique exterior features include the front and rear fascia, brake cooling vents, mesh lower grille, rear spoiler, among other things.

When it comes to the engine, this one comes with the 6.2-liter V8 engine that can produce up to 556 horsepower and 551-lb ft torque. You can also choose up to six-speed settings on both manual and automatic transmission. Hence, this all new Cadillac model is powerful enough to accelerate up to 60 mph within 3.9 seconds.

Pro’s of 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V

*This new vehicle model will deliver optimum precision and excellence in terms of power and performance, thanks to its supercharged V8 engine.

*The stylish appearance of this vehicle makes it seem dashing and ideal for style-conscious consumers.

*It comes with hand-fitted cabin for optimum functionality and convenience when packing items.

Con’s of 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V

*The back seat space is a bit tiny than you would have hoped or expected. It could be made a bit more roomy to make seating more comfortable.

*With such high end and feature-packed vehicle design, then consumers would most likely expect to pay for a high price tag. In fact, it could be too expensive for majority of the consumers to afford.

Pricing Details

The 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V is expected to go on sale starting Spring of 2010. And although the manufacturer has not revealed official price tag for this vehicle yet, it is expected to start from $40,000 price point, which is already quite high.

The Bottom Line

Both on the inside and the outside, the 2011 Cadillac Coupe CTS-V delivers up to expectation. And with a high price point that is expected of this model when it goes on sale, it will surely be money well spent as this is truly a one of a kind luxury vehicle!

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