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2011 Chevrolet Volt Review

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The 2011 model of Chevrolet Volt is considered as the most efficient car in terms of fuel consumption but at the same time it is costly. In normal driving, its fuel cost is low with a maximum range of 300 mile and even its standard features are appealing. 2011 Chevy Volt is very much anticipated for its hybrid model of plug-in battery and gasoline where the car can be driven up to 40 miles in electric-only mode.


Talking about the  Chevrolet Volt, it is a simple car with four doors, four seats and a plug-in hybrid. The plug-in battery is capable of driving the car’s electric motor of 149 horsepower up to 40 miles and the gasoline powered generator with four cylinders is capable of driving the car up to 300 miles. The fuel economy of Chevy Volt is dependent on the driving. Say for instance, if you happen to drive only 20 miles a day and recharge the battery every night then you need not refuel at all and the fuel economy will be infinity but in cases where you drive more than 40 miles a day, the car will be consuming the gasoline power and then you will have refuel the car regularly.

According to the monthly fuel cost calculator, an average consumption for the  2011 Chevrolet Volt comes to 230 mpg which comes down to a monthly cost of $54 taking into account both the gasoline and electricity prices. But are the savings worth enough to pay a high cost for the deal? Priced at an MSRP of $40000, the car could be less spacious and limited in range when compared to other electric cars but it is far more functional.

Body Styles, Options & Trim Levels of 2011 Chevrolet model

The 2011 model of Chevrolet Volt is a midsize car spacious enough to seat four passengers comfortably. The standard features it includes are a trip computer, sunroof with fixed glass, keyless ignition, power accessories, tilt steering wheel wrapped in leather, climate control for dual zone, rear seatback with split folding and cruise control, supplementary audio jack, Bluetooth, camera, OnStar telecommunication services, CD stereo along with video display, USB port and built-in hard drive.

Powertrains & Performance of Chevrolet volt 2011 model

The 2011 Chevy Volt is driven by front wheel. It has an electric motor of 111 kilowatts having a torque of 273 pound feet. The motor is driven by a lithium-ion battery until the battery charge is reduced to 30%. After that the internal combustion engine with four cylinders serves as a replacement for power source. 2011 Chevrolet Volt is capable of racing up to 60 mph in 9 seconds.


Antilock brakes, side airbags at the front, side curtain airbags of full length and stability control are some of the safety features of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

Interior Design and Special Features 2011 model of Chevrolet volt

The Chevrolet Volt 2011 is highly functional and yet easy to handle. The futuristic gauge is easily readable and the main controls are intuitive. A little ball keeps you informed about the source of power being used where green indicates battery power and orange-yellow indicates gasoline power. 2011 Volt’s hatchback design is spacious to load the cargo but its capacity is limited by the rear roof line and the battery pack.

Driving Impressions of chevrolet volt 2011

The 2011 Chevy Volt’s pickup is good. It has a smooth driving and is very competitive in both the power modes. The switch from battery power to generator power will be hardly noticeable once the model goes in production. It turns swiftly and the brake pedals operate effortlessly. The 2011 Chevrolet Volt driving is more natural and substantial.

Pricing Information of Chevrolet Volt

GM officially announced price of Chevrolet Volt. The base of model of the Electric  car will start with price Tag of $41,000. The destination charges are included in the price and the price is before federal tax credit. However, After federal tax credit it become slightly affordable with price  $33,500. Those who will choose leasing option have to pay $350 a month with initial down payment of $2500.

Release date of Chevrolet Volt

The 2011 Chevrolet volt will hit showrooms  November 2010

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