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2011 Dodge Dakota Review and Price

About 2011 Dodge Dakota

Think the 2011 Dodge Dakota is just your typical truck? Then, think again. It has been wrongfully referred to in the market as a compact vehicle since it is the biggest of its bunch in the market. But does it pack a lot of meat for its size? You can get all the answers from the in-depth review below.

2011 Dodge Dakota Specs

First and foremost, you can choose from 3 body styles when you go out shopping for the 2011 Dodge Dakota: regular cab, extended “Club” cab, and the crew “Quad” cab. Meanwhile, there are 6 trim levels available and each one are equipped with their own respective set of features: base model, SXT, Sport and Sport Plus, Luxury SLT and SLT Plus. The vehicle model is also available in a wide range of monochromatic colors, so take your pick. The overall styling for this year’s release is truly bold as it comes with sleek lines and impressive grilles to woo over truck buyers. The wheels come with a 16×7 inch size and newly painted, thus ensuring that you can ride in style.

A sneak peek into the interior of the 2011 Dodge Dakota has also earned its raving reviews. The seating configuration deliver from interior room and seating space with a 40/20/40 split-bench front seats, while the rear passenger can accommodate up to 3 passengers.

The performance data for the 2011 Dodge Dakota is when it earns most of its merit. There are three engine choices to this model, thus providing consumers more option to pick an engine power to suit your driving needs. The first option is a Magnum 3.9-liter V6 engine that can deliver 175 horsepower and 225 lb-ft torque. Then, there’s Magnum Next Generation 4.7-liter V8 engine that can produce a maximum of 235 horsepower. And finally, you can pick the 5.9-liter V8 engine that can bring in 250 horsepower and 345 lb-ft torque. There are also choices between five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission to suit your driving requirements.

2011 Dodge Dakota

As a final note, this is a reliable and safe vehicle. It has been tested by the government and has earned a five-star crash test rating.

Pro’s of 2011 Dodge Dakota

*Five-star crash test rating;

*Spacious interiors;

*Versatile enough to perform on all types of terrains;

*Solid build;

*Highly responsive maneuvering capacity;

*Unique combination of comfort and capability.

Con’s of 2011 Dodge Dakota

*There are no known drawbacks to this model yet but more info will come in once the actual vehicle has been taken on a road test.

Pricing Details

The manufacturer has not given any pricing information about the 2011 Dodge Dakota for now. But critics expect that there will be no significant increase on last year’s release, but if there are any then they will surely be kept minimal.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Dodge Dakota is the perfect choice of vehicle for consumers looking to use a powerful vehicle on the road or on all types of terrains. This one is equipped with a powerful engine that can hold up, regardless of what your driving requirement is. But with its handsome looks, it will also garner enough attention on the street.

Here is the detail spec of 2010 Dodge Dakota

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