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2011 Ford Escape Review and Prices

About 2011 Ford Escape

The release of the 2011 Ford Escape holds a lot of promise for the series . With Escape being the no. 2 top selling compact SUV in America, there is a lot weighing on its shoulders.

Ford Escape is not the perfect SUV. The maintenance cost are higher. The Tires cost a lot as you need to change it at some point of time in future. The brakes wear early and if not replaced quick, they can cost you a huge lot of money. That being said, this is one of the best SUV in terms of inner space, ease of drive and comes with a lot of options.

Check out the details of this car in the form of the mostly asked questions.

Q. Which are the competitors of t he 2011 Ford Escape ?

A. You may want to check out 2011 Honda CR-V and 2011 Toyota RAV4, both of which give stiff competition to the Ford Escape.  However Ford Escape has managed to take the lead and is the number 2  highest selling  vehicle in USA.

Q. Should I buy the 2010 Ford Escape model or the 2011 Ford Escape ?

A. The 2010 model will provide some monetary incentive as it should be available for some rebates. The 2011 Ford Escape will be a better option if you plan to sell the vehicle in the near future. The resale value could be higher.

Q. Any pricing detail  for 2011 Ford Escape ?

Currently, auto experts and consumers are still awaiting announcement on the final pricing details for the 2011 Ford Escape. However, it won’t be much of a change from the 2010 model prices, if there were any changes at all. If the trending continues, then estimates for the base model is expected to be at around $22,000 to $27,000 for the front-wheel drive system. On the other hand, all-wheel drive versions are priced slightly higher at $24,000 to $29,000. There will be more price variation as the upgrades and other additional features are incorporated.

Q. Any information about 2011 Ford Escape release date ?

A. Going by historical trends we will see 2011 escape from autumn 2010 at showrooms.

Q. Any comment on  the styling ?

In terms of style, a lot has evolved for the Ford Escape 2011 model.  The wheelbase, on the other hand, remains unaltered although its length has been reduced by an inch. Some of the notable features of the 2011 model’s styling approach is that it delivers classic proportions and looks quite handsome. It has been the darling of American women because of its looks.  Like most of the newer compact SUVs in the market, it features a unibdoy structure that provides better fuel economy. Although there are potential drawbacks  with the engine that deprives you of smooth driving, the handling is superb on this one.

Q. Any detail about the Engine of the 2011 Ford Escape ?

A. There are two types of engine to choose from with the 2011 Ford Escape model: gas engines and gas-electric hybrid power train.  3.0-liter V6 engine that can produce maximum horsepower of 240 and 223 lb-ft torque. The gas engine as well as the gas hybrid engine comes with  front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive system. It also comes with the  continuously variable transmission or CVT system with this model which varies the gears smoothly and continuously instead of the tradition 4 or 5 gear system.

Pro’s of 2011 Ford Escape

*High quality handling performance to make driving real easy;

*Aesthetically superior styling on the exterior of the vehicle;

*More precise driving performance;

*The vintage feel of this vehicle makes great contrast with the modern gadgets and features incorporated here.

Con’s of 2011 Ford Escape

*Engine does not run quite smoothly;

*Poor road isolation;

*Mechanical vibrations are present.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Ford Escape is the ideal purchase for anyone looking to buy a decent looking SUV. Indeed, Ford is giving it their best shot with what is supposedly the final release in a long series of vehicle models that dates to as far back as Summer 2000. Like most other vehicles within this lineup, there are several pro’s and con’s to weigh in and it all boils down to the buyer’s individual taste and discretion as to whether this one is a smart buy or not.

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