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2011 Ford Expedition Review and Price

About 2011 Ford Expedition

Ford is well known for its full sized pickup truck platform that has introduced some of the most powerful and enduring models in the market. When someone mentions the name Ford, it is almost synonymous to powerful pickup trucks. This is why many are looking forward to what the new 2011 Ford Expedition will introduce into this new year.

The new 2011 Ford Expedition is a full sized sports utility vehicle that can accommodate between eight to nine adult passengers. It is therefore big, tall, and heavy, which almost lists it into the category of a truck with its massive vehicle body. You will, however, be pleased to find spacious interiors that offer  comfortable seating experience and lots of cabin room.

The 2011 Ford Expedition will be available in two types of lengths – EL and the standard length. The EL length will get an addition 12-inch stretch for the wheelbase giving the overall body length up to 15 inches in increase. For this reason, you can enjoy lots of cargo space behind the third-row seat, which makes it ideal for use on long trips and family travel since it can accommodate any items or luggage you’d like to bring. There is also a longer rear door equipped into this vehicle model to provide easy entry for those sitting on the third row.

There are four choices of trim levels for the 2011 Ford Expedition with the base model being quite lavish on its own, also known as the XLT. There is the Eddie Bauer trim that introduces the two-tone paint, new interior features, and leather seatings. The third option is the Limited trim level, which comes with luxurious interiors and monochromatic paint. Finally, the King Ranch is truly what the name implies as it is equipped with wood accents, unique wheels, and leather upholstery.

When it comes to powertrain performance, the 2011 Ford Expedition features the 5.4-liter V8 engine that can deliver up to 300 horsepower and 365 lb-ft torque. You can also choose between a rear-wheel or four-wheel drive system. It has yet to be confirmed though whether a six-speed automatic will be available for this one. Meanwhile, the fuel economy rating has yet to be released by the manufacturer.

Pro’s of 2011 Ford Expedition

*Varied choices of trim levels;

*Powerful base engine;

*Lots of interior space, especially in the cargo cabin;

*Tough and large vehicle body.

Con’s of 2011 Ford Expedition

*It lacks automatic transmission option;

*It does not feel as cumbersome to drive due to its size.

Pricing Details

The specific details when it comes to the prices for the 2011 Ford Expedition trim level versions are not yet released by the manufacturers. However, the estimated price range will be between $35,056 to as high as $50,901. It is therefore well within the price range for other vehicles within the same class.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Ford Expedition comes with a few surprises on its sleeve as it makes way into the market this year. Some of the notable features that you can enjoy include improved ride quality, smooth engine performance, and precise steering. For that, the vehicle feels bigger than an actual SUV due to its maximum performance.

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