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2011 Ford Fiesta Rating

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2011 Ford Fiesta Rating

The impetus to writing about the rating for individual cars was provided by the Reviews and Rating Site – rankingsandreviews.com, which rated the 2011 Ford Fiesta at the best Subcompact Car. Though the site does provide the methods used in arriving at the ranking, when it says that it combines the “published reviews from respected automotive critics and ratings data from independent sources” to arrive its score.

The rankingsandreviews.com rating, however does not indicate the actual score interpreted from the sources. Starredreviews, therefore, started digging further and has started collecting real mathematical data that will provide more transparent method to arrive at ranking.

Another impetus to this series of article was provided when the signals coming from different reviews were, at least sometimes, contradictory. For example, rankingsandreviews gave a Performance rating for Ford Fiesta as 9.4 while Edmunds, another trusted authority gave a score of 2 stars out of maximum 5 ( equivalent to 4 out of 10).

We therefore, started to digg further into the matter and presented a table which straightens out the ratings in pure mathematical number. In a period of next two months we will cover hundreds of cars and their ratings from trusted sources.The sum of the these numbers will be added and average score of out of 10 will be taken. We will then present the score for each group of the cars, starting from the subcompact cars.

In many cases, the car expert and authority sites have used stars in place of hard numbers with max being 10. We have converted these stars into numbers. So a 2 and a half star converts into a score of 5. Some sites like consumer report, uses the terms Excellent, Very Good, Good,Fair and Poor. These have been converted into a score of 10,8,6,4 and 2.

The rating model developed by starredreviews is expected to be close to the real life rating as a large number of samples have been taken.

Table : 2011 Ford Fiesta Rating

Site Item Rating
USA News and Ranking Performance 9.4
Exterior 8.4
Interior 8.9
Safety 9.9
Edmunds Performance 4
Driving Dynamics 6
Ride Comfort 8
Quietness 8
Ergonomics 4
Seat Access & Space 5
Cargo & Storage 3
Build Quality 6
Howstuffswork Acceleration 4
Fuel Economy 9
Ride Quality 5
Steering/Handling/Braking 7
Quietness 5
Control 7
Details 6
Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) 4
Room/Comfort (rear) 3
Cargo Room 7
Value Within Class 9
The Car Connection Styling 9
Performance 7
Comfort and Quality 7
Safety 8
Features 9
Yahoo Autos Appearance 9
Comfort 8
Performance 8
Value 8
Consumer Report Acceleration 6
Accident avoidance / Safety 10
Comfort and convenience 6
Fuel Economy 10
Cnet Comfort 6
Performance 7
Design 9
iguida Fuel Rating 10
Comfort 6
Technology 8
Value 8
Performance 6
Total Adding all of it 311.6
Average Score Average Score ( Out of 10) 7.08
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