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2011 Ford Mustang GT Review and Price

2011 Ford GT Mustang photo

The 2011 Ford Mustang GT, the mustang 5.0L, this piece is in rumors for so many days and everyone awaited for that but now the Ford Motor Company at last revealed its details. The previous ones which have 4.6L V8 engine will change now to 5.0L four valve engine which is Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing V8 engine, and it is called as COYOTE. See this is great news to all buyers.The latest V8 engine will give a huge 412 horsepower and 390 ft.-lb. of torque, by this it gone up of the Camaro SS whose features are 405 hp. About mileage, Ford 2011 GT Mustang will give good fuel economy than the previous ones in V8 segment, now you can save some bucks. By 6-speed automatic transmission estimation is that 25 mpg highway and with 6-speed manual transmission it is 24 mpg.

New Aspects of 2011 Ford Mustang GT

  • 5.0L four-valve Ti-VCT (Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing) V8 engine which gives 390 ft-lb. amount of torque and 412 horsepower.
  • Latest six-speed automatic transmission with 25mpg highway.
  • EPAS which means steering with Electric Power it is specially tuned for great performance.

This engine will make a new name in the world of automobiles, with great fuel efficiency and great performance this is vehicle to watch out.  Group vice president Derrick Kuzak conveyed that, the new engine will rule the market and by seeing its performance and fuel efficiency the buyer will enjoy driving.

Engine of 2011 Ford mustang GT

The  new 2011 Ford Mustang GT comes with V8 engine is nearly 430 pounds, thinking it’s too heavy but it’s not that bad when you compare power versus weight ratio. The reduction of weight is done by using aluminum heads and blocks, composite cam covers, hallow camshafts and lightweight composite intake manifold. To improve better air flow tubular exhaust headers are used.

This latest Ford Mustang GT is having good feature for this engine like longer oil change intervals. Another good feature is Ti-VCT known as Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing. About this feature, drivers can enjoy the great performance with good fuel economy.

Buyers think that GT Mustang 2010 model is good one then just check the new 2011 Mustang GT it is even more too good with the use of technology EPAS known to be Electric Power Assist Steering. By EPAS there is lot of change in driving a faster steering, no tension at parking slowly and easy on highways.

There are other good features like stabilizer bar which will improve the steering with stabilizer bar. There is lot of tuning is done for spring rates, dampers and stabilizer bars for good dynamic performance. To improve the solidness of vehicle stiffening foam is added.

For buyers of 2011 Ford Mustang GT,  there is good modification that they can provide for there desire. Brembo brake combination which includes unique 19-inch alloy wheels, 14-inch v front discs taken from GT500 Mustang and best seasoned tires.

The latest 2011 GT Mustang can be seen with three colors, Race Red, Ingot Silver and Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat.

The interior technology of the new sensation 2011 GT Mustang is great. Features like MyKey programmable vehicle key, standard message center and good one universal garage door opener you will go mad. A speedometer which reads till 160 mph good one and a tachometer comes from 6,500 – 7000 rpm. Now by these all features don’t let go away from you hands.

2011 Ford GT mustang

The 2011 Ford GT mustang comes with $ $30,495 for base model.

photo credit @ ford

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