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2011 Honda Accord Faq

Q. Is there a chance that 2011 Honda Accord will overtake 2011 Toyota Camry as the best selling car in US.
A. While it is too early to say, initial data seem to suggest that 2011 Honda Camry is all set to overtake 2011 Toyota Camry as the best selling car. Even the 2010 data seem to suggest this. This should be a proud moment for Honda.

Q. Is there a change in the grille of the 2011 Honda Accord ?
A. Yes there is a change is the grille of the Accord which improves its look.

Q. When is 2011 Honda Accord Expected to launch ?
A. The 2011 Honda Accord is expected to launch by the September End, 2010. You may like to keep an eye on the Honda news for it.

Q. What is the Fuel mileage for 2011 Honda Civic. Does it improves over 2010 model ?
A. The 2011 EPA mileage estimates for the 2011 Honda Accord is not yet available. In the absence of the EPA data, it is not possible to tell the EPA mileage.

However, Honda has done hard work on improving the gas mileage. The mileage for the 5 speed automatic transmission have been improved by 2 mpg in the city and by 3 mpg on the highway. The expected mileage is 23/34 on city highway.

Q. Should I buy 2011 Honda Accord or a 2010 Honda Civic?
A. It is expected that after the launch of the 2011 model, it will be priced a slight premium over the 2010 model. Buying the 2010 model will save you few dollars. Buying the 2011 model will however mean that you are likely to get the more fuel efficient model, which will save you money in the long run. Anothe advantage of 2011 Acord model is that, if you plans to sell the car 3 years down the line, it is good idea to go for the 2011 model to get higher resale value at that time.

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