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2011 Honda Civic Prices

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The Table below lists out the price of the 2011 Honda Civic.

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Table : 2011 Honda Civic Prices

Engine Transmission
Price Sedan
Price Coupe
DX 1.8L I4 Manual $15,805 $15,605
DX-VP 1.8L I4 Manual $16,555
DX 1.8L I4 Automatic $16,605 $16,405
DX-VP 1.8L I4 Automatic $17,355
LX 1.8L I4 Manual $17,755 $17,555
LX-S 1.8L I4 Manual $18,355
LX 1.8L I4 Automatic $18,555 $18,355
LX-S 1.8L I4 Automatic $19,155
EX 1.8L I4 Manual $19,605 $19,605
EX 1.8L I4 Automatic $20,405 $20,405
EX-L 1.8L I4 Automatic $21,955 $21,955
EX with Navigation 1.8L I4 Automatic $22,405 $22,405
Si 2.0 L I4 Manual $22,405 $22,405

The prices are Manufacturer suggested Prices according to the 2011 Honda Civic prices and excludes local tax, license, registration. It also does not include $750.00 destination charge. If you take any additional option the prices will further escalate.

The local sales tax vary from state to state and a typical 5% sales tax can add substantially to the car price. So mentally add these two prices in the price list shown above.

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