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2011 Honda Insight Review and Prices

About 2011 Honda Insight

The 2011 Honda Insight is the latest offering of hybrid vehicles from the famous auto manufacturer. This is considered to be the best option for anyone looking to enjoy better mileage without having to pay for a huge sum. To learn more about the details and features of this vehicles, you can get all the information you need from the in-depth review below in terms of the frequently asked question about 2011 Honda Insight.

Q. Any Comment of the 2011 Honda Insight release date ?

A. The 2011 Honda Insight release date has not been available as yet. Please keep looking at the comment section where one of  the users ( including you) will be posting the news for the 2011 Honda insight release date.  The insight is expected to be release in spring 2010.

Q. Any information about the pricing details of the 2011 Honda insight ?

A. Honda has revealed that they cannot give full details on the pricing for the 2011 Honda Insight model yet but this information will be released prior to the launching of the vehicle this year. It is expected that the pricing will not exceed the previous year mode.  The EX models are expected to  start at t $22,200.  The prices goes up if you add up options.

Q. Any Change in the Styling Changes ?

The styling elements of the 2011 Honda  hybrid vehicle lineup does not offer any major or significant changes when it comes to style. The size may reduce a little bit. More details are awaited from Honda.

Q. Any comment on the Engine Power and horsepower number.

A. The 2011 Honda insight  engine is similar to that of the 2010 Honda insight.  is powered by a four-cylinder engine that can produce up to 98 horsepower. It basically utilizes electric motor and gas to run the vehicle for more assistance on engine performance.

Q. What is IMA or the Integrated Motor Assistant.

A. Honda has coined a new term caller Integrated Motor Assist or IMA . The IMA or the Integrated Motor Assistant   helps you to save on fuel consumption. It does so by using the electric motor in addition to the gas. This is especially useful if you run on low speeds in short distances.

Q. What are competitive advantages of 2011 Honda Insight.

A. There are several features available for the 2011 Honda Insight that makes it quite a competitive car model from its closest rivals. Some of the standard features available here include a navigation system, air conditioning, steering wheel, power windows and locks. Hence, you can enjoy a comfortable ride that will also ensure your safety while on the road.

Q. Who are the competitors of the 2011 Honda Insight ?

A.  2011 Toyota Prius , Honda’s own 2011 Honda Fit and 2011 Volkswagen Golf are three main competitors of the Insights. The Honda insight sales were down substantially after prius picked up in sale. With the recent recall issues of the Prius model, insight should get a little relief. But then there are a lot of Hybrid models available including the 2011 Toyota Camry.

Q. What are the mileage information about 2011 Honda Insight.

A.  The mileage of the 2011 Honda insight is expected to be same at that of the 2010 Honda insight model or 40 mpg in city and 43 mpg  at highway. While this is decent, the Prius has established the lead with higher mpg.

Pro’s  of 2011 Honda Insight

*Although experts claim fuel economy for the 2011 model is the same with that of the 2010 model, this one actually achieves better mileage when driving it on the city.

*Styling is unique and helps to fight wind resistance.

*There are several room for upgrades and customization.

2011 Honda Insight

Con’s of 2011 Honda Insight

*One of the major drawbacks to the 2011 Honda Insight engine is that the road noise is quite prominent.

*The electric steering system lacks proper road feel, which can therefore have the tendency to be irresponsive at certain times.

The Bottom Line

Despite the vast amount of features packed into the midsized 2011 Honda Insight, some experts and auto critics are not impressed. Many believe that the 2010 model is far more superior in terms of performance and engine power, especially with the fuel economy rating similar with that of the 2010 Insight.

1 Honda Insight.

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