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2011 Honda Pilot Review and Prices

About 2011 Honda Pilot

The 2011 Honda Pilot does not readily blow you away upon first sight. But the more you get to know about this vehicle, the more you’d appreciate what it has and what it can offer. If you are contemplating on getting this one when it comes out on sale, then make sure you find out more information about this car model below.

In terms of style, there is no major distinction or any drastic alteration from the 2010 model. Hence, it cannot keep one from making comparisons due to the vast amount of similarities. There are four trim  levels offered on this one: basic LX, leather-upholstered EX-L, midline EX, and top of the line Limited models. For all of these four levels, the styling is almost identical. They all offer a  body style that is large enough to provide three rows of seats.  Using its unibody design the Honda Pilot is able to make it  small  enough to to ease on driving.

On the mechanical aspect, the 2011 Honda Pilot picks up where its predecessor left off – it is equipped with the 3.5-liter V6 engine that can produce up to 250 horsepower and 253 lb-ft torque for excellent reliability on the road. It also features the unique VCM(Variable Cylinder Management technology) . The VCM Technology lets the vehicle a utomatically transitions into any of the following cylinders – six, four, and three.  So of the power requirement is low it will work on the three cylinder – if the power requirement is high it will transition to 6 cylinders. This reminds the recent Power boost technology from intel  in its recent ix processors where it boosts the processor voltage and frequecy based upon the application demand.  Hence, you can ensure power requirements and fuel economy are fully optimized.

2011 honda pilot official photo

The Touring model are the only ones that can avail of the onboard navigation system.  But manufacturers are looking to expand on the availability of this feature, although it still depends on the specific model you choose to purchase, which of course will vary in their pricing. Expect to pay extra for these additional features.

Pro’s of 2011 Honda Pilot

*Good value for monet;

*Very spacious even when it does not look so from outside.

*The resale value if good

*Has earned top safety ratings from auto experts

Con’s of 2011 Honda Pilot

*Design approach tries a little too hard to make this vehicle appear tough

*Suspension lacks the ability to effectively absorb bumps or shock

Pricing Details

The lack of options provided by Honda contributes to the steep pricing placed against its products. But with the advanced equipments incorporated into the 2011 Honda Pilot model, then it does offer its rivals some serious competition. In comparison to the 2010 model, this new lineup has increased by as much as $150. Therefore, base price range fo the Honda Pilot models range from $28,755 to $41,105.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Honda Pilot is your perfect choice for you if you want to have good value for money. But this might not be the best of investment for you given that there are only slight enhancements to the 2011 model, making it appear a mere rerun of the 2010 model. However, wherever it did incorporate changes, the manufacturers have succeeded in truly utilizing those to refine the overall appeal of this car model. It might not initially appear as your best choice, but it does make a good run for it.

photo credit- http://automobiles.honda.com/pilot/exterior-photos.aspx

  1. Stefan Lalev
    April 21st, 2011 at 01:08 | #1

    It looks a bit strange,but theese 250hp should be enought
    Nice review 10x!