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2011 Infiniti M Review and Price

About 2011 Infiniti M

In this year, an interesting addition into the automotive market will be introduced via the 2011 Inifiti M models. Nissan is not shy to share details on their new car launches, particularly giving out details on the 2011 M37, M45, and M56.

The 2011 Infinit M37 starts at a base price range of $46,250, which is $450 cheaper from the outgoing model. This one is built with a V6, 3.7-liter engine capable of packing as much as 330 horsepower. However, it offer more grunt and fuel economy than the 3.5-liter V6 engine from the earlier generation. With this particular model, you can expect standard features from the Infiniti brand namely the Active Noise Control, Enhanced Intelligent Key Memory, Drive Mode Selector, and RearView Monitor.

Meanwhile, the 2011 Infiniti M56 comes with a premium package. For this one, you can get the 5.6-liter, V8 engine that packs as much as 420 horsepower. In addition to this engine power, you can get a few other standard features such as 10-speaker audio system, VGA touchscreen navigation system, music box hard drive, heated and cooled front seats, Bluetooth audio, and heated steering wheel, among other things. This particular model also gains an extra 5 mpg while driving on a highway, as compared to that of the M45’s standard.

2011 infiniti M review

Finally, the 2011 Infiniti M45 has gone up in performance and quality. It is equipped with the V-8, 5.6-liter engine to offer brute power of 420 horsepower and 417 lb-ft torque. This is a considerable improvement, knowing that the total horsepower for this current model has gone up by as much as 95 hp.

All models are built with generous cabin space, more supportive seats, and superb brake feel. The automatic transmission also offers up to 7 speed settings for utmost performance.

Pro’s of 2011 Infiniti M

*All of the models are built with superb handling capacity, which has been known with past models.

*It remains a leader in safety technologies with a unique and brand new BSI or First Blind Spot Intervention system.

*The 2011 Infinit M models are to be commended for its impressive fuel economy features.

*It delivers a more dramatic styling than its predecessor for those consumers looking to ride in stylish fashion.

2011 infiniti M interior picture

Con’s of 2011 Infiniti M

*Cabin is still a bit noisy than most would have hoped for, particularly referring to impact noise.

*Steering is less communicative; however, it does make it up for its preciseness.

Pricing Details

Although the official release of the 2011 Infiniti M vehicle models is still a few weeks away, the manufacturer has already revealed an estimated price range for the base models. Prices go up in between $47,115 to as high as $60,915.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Infiniti M models have undeniably establish its position as top contenders in the auto market. It has offered refined features, a set of unique safety technologies, and a brand name that you can trust when it comes to auto manufacturing. So, if you are looking for an economical choice that has got all the right moves for you, then this one is worth considering.

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