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2011 Kia Sorento Competitors

2011 Kia Sorento Competitors

The SUV Segment is highly competitive with manufacturers and dealers  are offering substantial discount on SUVs in light of lacklustre demand thanks to the economy and high gas prices. The Sorento has been able to make a dent into the Honda CR-V and Toyota’s RAV4 market share with innovations like offering 7 seater and a comparable mileage.

Honda CRV 2011 : Honda CRV is possibly the best known name in the SUV segment in US. Known for roomliness, proven quality from Honda and smooth handling, it is tough to ignore CRV. The Ranking and Reviews Ranks 2011 Sorrento 5 th in 23 Affordable SUVs. CRV has good has mileage ( 21/28 mpg for 2WD and 21/27 for AWD), though not best in its class. CRV commands good resale price, though we can not be sure for it in the future with the rising gas prices. CRV is due for an all new design in 2013.

Toyota RAV4 2011 : The RAV4 is one of the most practical and family-friendly SUVs and is ranked at number 4 among the 23 affordable SUVs by ranking and reviews. The interior of the RAV4 is not as great but RAV4 makes up for it by offering seating for up to seven as do the Sorendo and comes with an option of a powerful V6 engine option. Big families will appreciate the third row seating that can be used when traveling with family friends. Toyota has the advantage of a smoother 179 hp four cylinder engine that gives 22/28 mpg with 2WD and 21/27 with its AWD engine. It also comes with an option of a robust 269-horsepower V-6 engine (mileage 19/27 with 2WD and 19/26 with AWD). Base price of RAV4 ranges $22,300-$29,000 excluding options.

2011 Chevrolet Equinox: USA Ranking and reviews ranks  2011 Chevrolet Equinox on the number position  out of 23 Affordable Compact SUVs, but starredreviews does not approve it. The methods used by Ranking and Reviews is not perfect, however, Chevy Equinox continues to be a formidable competitor in the SUV segment.  According to iguida –  Equinox is a bright spot for Chevrolet, offering good looks and great ride quality.

Equinox is known for it snot so good acceleration and this forms the basis of our suspicion for the coveted #1 spot that US Ranking and reviews confers to it.  The equinox has an above average 22/32 mpg mileage ( 20/29 mpg with AWD) that comes at the cost of performance.


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