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2011 Lincoln MKX Review and Price

About 2011 Lincoln MKX

Lincoln unveils their latest stylish vehicle and newest addition in the midsize SUVslineup via the 2011 Lincoln MKX. To those who are familiar with the brand, the name MKX basically refers to “Mark X” or the number “10”, indicating the status of crossover vehicle in the market. Thus, it is important for newbies to learn more of this car model by checking out the features below.

One of the strongest appeal for the 2011 Lincoln MKX in today’s market is the contemporary styling and interior design. It is one of the strongest suit when it comes to pushing brand excellence forward. However, this sports utility vehicle is not as family-friendly as some other vehicles in this segment as it is rather small in size and lacks third row seating capacity. Hence, it only has a few room for passengers. But whatever it lacks in terms of seating capacity, it does make up in terms of cargo space with a huge cabin area.

However, one cannot deny the excellent driving performance of this vehicle with its 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is capable of 265 horsepower and 250 lb-ft torque. There is also a generous amount of standard features available here to ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable ride. You can also get your vehicle outfitted to integrate a wide range of additional features, whether you’d want to go for the Ultimate and Elite packages. Some of the features you can add into your vehicle include heated and cooled front seats, surround-sound audio system, the Sync system (which was also available for the 2008 model), and adaptive headlights.

This particular model bears a mechanical resemblance to most of Ford’s Edge model. However, it creates its distinction through some of Lincoln’s signature features such as full-width taillights, grille, and unique feature content to boot.

Pro’s of 2011 Lincoln MKX

*Braking distance for this model has significantly improved from previous models.

*Majority of the standard features and equipments have been improved to deliver precise driving experience.

*It has done an excellent job in combining the retro classical style of Lincoln vehicles and contemporary styling enhancements.

*It offers outfitting packages, specifically Elite and Ultimate packages, to ensure that you can customize your ride and adjust it to your needs.

Con’s of 2011 Lincoln MKX

*Unfortunately, this vehicle model lacks the blistering acceleration capacity that is expected of a crossover SUV.

*It lacks third row seating capacity and lacks enough room to accommodate a large family.

Pricing Details

Currently, the manufacturers could not give definite details on the exact pricing information for this vehicle model. Information is expected to be released soon, though.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the 2011 Lincoln MKX makes an excellent addition into your options of luxury crossover SUVs in the market. When it comes to exterior and interior styling, this one is clean, luxurious, and elegant. It is also rich in high-end features but is most impressive for its affordable price range. Hence, it offers strong competition against other existing competitors in the market to offer superior driving experience.

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