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2011 Spring Shoe Trends

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Few trend watcher states that the 2011 spring shoe trend are going to be peep toes, platforms, and lace ups with many bright contrasting colors.  The alternative to the shoelace is going to be the fabric laces that will wind around your ankle and approximately six to twelve inches above your ankle.  There will also be fringe and cowgirl looks.  This look will include fringe, leather boots and sandals, and tassels.  There may even be some with ankle chains.

Some designer replace shoelaces with fabric ties, it will bring a sexy look to the shoe.  If the shoes were in plain, sensible colors like black, navy, or brown, they would not look too bad.  Their definition of a flatform shoe is one that is half way between a wedges and flats.

Some enthusiast’s states that the spring shoe trends of 2011 will be based on architectural influences, lots of texture, multi-colored patterns, multiple buckles and straps, and long laces.  On this website, they have some drawings of what their spring collection is going to look like, and all that can be said is that women are going to have many feet problems if they wear these shoes.  Most of their collection borders on extremely high heels and uncomfortable looking shoes.

Spring Summer 2011 Shoe Trends

From one of the shoe trends they are showing are high heels, flatform shoes, and a medium size chunky heel.  One pair is pink and purple with a blue braid tie that looks like a curtain tie.  The platform is white with straps going to just above the ankle with a hideous looking flower attached to the middle of the shoe.  There is even an orange shoe with fabric ties, and a pair of heels with a flowered pattern and a material strap.  Both these straps tie above the ankles.

Some fashion website predicting that vice shoes are going to be in.  These include platforms, velvet shoes, and strappy shoes.  The more gorgeous the shoe, the better women will want to wear them.  One pair on their website shows a boot like shoe that comes to just above the ankle, with a very high heel, laces up, and the material looks like a cow hide.

This website predicts that clunky wooden shoes will be in style and the kitten heels.  These heels have a strap around the heel with a thin, low heel, and a very pointy toe.

These are just some of the spring shoe trends of 2011.  Women everywhere can expect everything for kitten heels to extremely high heels, and everything in between.  The shoes will be fastened with straps, shoelaces, and fabric ties.  In addition, there will be every color of the rainbow with a mixture of plaids and other designs.

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