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2011 Toyota Avalon Review and Price

About 2011 Toyota Avalon

Toyota has been constantly reinventing its offerings for sedan vehicles in the market. The 2011 Toyota Avalon receives new styling and trim levels to spice up the typical sedan lineup in the market today. Read further below to find out more details from this review.

Before, American auto manufacturers dominated the full sized sedan market. But Toyota is giving the leaders some serious competition this year. Although the 2011 Toyota Avalon might not be as massive as the earlier full sized models were, but it delivers increased space efficiency to deliver a more comfortable ride. And since full sized sedans are typically purchased for the entire family’s use, then it totally makes sense to give priority to interior riding comfort.

There were also a few styling alterations incorporated into the 2011 Toyota Avalon with the reduced trim levels being the most notable change. The exterior appearance of this vehicle appears smaller than its rivals but it now introduces a whole range of features. 2011 Avalon has probably has the most accommodating backseat which comes with plenty of headroom and reclining seatbacks. It will feature standard equipment such as 17-inch alloy wheels, auto-dimming driver and rearview mirrors, sunroof, foglights, automatic headlights, shift knob, leather-wrapped wheels, cruise control, full power accessories, and many more.

In terms of engine power and performance, the 2011 Avalon is built with a V6 engine that can produce standard 268 horsepower and quick acceleration. The most impressive feature for practical auto consumers would have to be its fuel efficiency rating, which is estimated at 20 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon in the highway. The main competitor of 2011 Toyota Avalon is 2010 Hyundai genesis and 2010 Buick Lacrose

2011 toyota avalon2011 toyota avalon interior

Pro’s of 2011 Toyota Avalon

*2011 Avalon comes with large enough space that can provide comfortable seating for five adults;

*The interiors are built using high quality materials;

*The cabin design comes with an attractive design;

*The ride is quiet and composed;

*The V6 engine that is equipped in this vehicle is powerful and highly efficient;

*2011 Toyota Avalon is built with upscale amenities and vast amount of features;

*It has earned an impressive score from crash tests, hence you can be assured that it is safe for you to ride in.

Con’s of 2011 Toyota Avalon

*It is a rather expensive model for its class;

*The refinement done on the car interiors provide little room for personality;

*The rear seats lack the folding capacity.

Pricing Details

The 2011 Toyota Avalon is estimated to offer a base price of $32,245. At this price point, it is comparably higher than most other vehicles in its class. However, it does offer good value for money if you are going to shell out for a vehicle within the $30,000 price range due to its refined features and full size.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Toyota Avalon is a compelling choice for anyone who are looking for one of the best full sized sedans in the market. It offers comfortable and roomy interiors, powerful engine performance, and riding capacity that provides reliability for daily transportation. Although priced higher than its rivals, it might be a better investment of money than some other cheaper counterparts.

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