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2012 Aston Martin DBX Review and Price

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Aston Martin has been the all time special and honoured luxurious sports car makers since past few decades. With the success of the DBS model which is its star coupe, Aston Martin will now soon come up with the next level of improvement in terms of power and performance in its product range leading to the new architecture of Aston Martin DBX to be termed as 2012 model with wider wheels, prominent nose, towering ducktail and more upgraded features as discussed further.

The redesign of DBX is based on the current DBS model with improvised features. 2012 Aston Martin DBX is expected to be a 2 door luxurious sports vehicle with no rear seats and a larger bumper with grille front as air inlet. The curb weight would drop by 140 pounds to weigh around 3737 pounds as a major portion of the car architecture comprising of doors, fender, hood, mirror holder is built using carbon fibre instead of metal. Carbon fibre is also used in grille front which will have 5 horizontal bars and rear air diffuser to enhance the vehicle’s stability. DBX version will have a wheelbase of 105 inches which could be a shorter wheelbase as compared to the whole length of 175 inches. DBX 2012 will come furnished with a stylish cabin loaded with leather upholstery. It will be offered with a wider track and a replacement of 19 inch wheels with a set of 20 inch wheels. 2012 Aston Martin DBX will get a refurbished dashboard with improved controls and slightly improved steering wheel. Such polished features of the Aston Martin DBX can surely make all the heads on the road turn around.

Aston claims that under the carbon fibre hood will appear the assembly of a highly efficient and powerful 6 liter V12 twin turbocharged engine which will have the capacity to generate a momentum of 700 horsepower, definitely higher than its predecessors whereas, the torque will remain the same as that of the previous generation car which is about 420 lb. ft. The vehicle will ride using rear wheel drive mechanism mated with a 6 speed gear box in manual transmission offering the option to choose sequential shift mechanism. Using such a unique and highly efficient mechanism it gives the best performance of 191 mph which would be more than its star product. This performance can be achieved as the car has overall lesser weight as well as possesses a powerful 6 liter V12 twin turbocharged engine.

When all the major aspects of the next generation 2012 Aston Martin DBX are known, it is obvious that we should also know its date of launch and most important its price tag.  Aston Martin will launch the polished and stylish sports car – 2012 Aston Martin DBX by middle of year 2011. The price of current DBS model is $265,000. Therefore the upgraded version can be expected to be offered with speculated price structure of $385,000. The speculations can be somewhat incorrect as the launch is still far ahead. But prices shall not be a constraint to the avid car owner with exquisite taste since it would be elegantly stylish and a best performer in its class.

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