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2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review and Prices

About 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan

The BMW 3-Series has been one of the best selling releases from the manufacturer, and in the market as a whole. But as of late, it has suffered from a decline in sales and the manufacturers are therefore looking to redesign this series to give it a fresher new aspect to it and attract a new audience. As a result, the 2012 BWM 3-Series is looking to be the most economical, cleanest, and technically advanced vehicle model off the series yet. Read more below to get further details.

The release for the new generation of models from the series has arrived earlier than expected and dubbed as the F30. This new lineup that starts off with the 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan is a premium compact line that has been created specifically to increase fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, it remains true to the traditional BMW style, along with the road performance that is expected of a vehicle that carries the brand BMW in its name.

The 3-Series Gran Turismo is expected to arrive soon and it will be a four-door hatchback model, which is somewhat similar to the 5-Series Gran Turismo that is also expected to come out this year 2010. The major styling approach for the 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan will carry the same styling theme that was introduced by the 5- and 7-series car releases, with notable features including taller fascia, higher hood line, rounded nose, and large grilles.

There is little information known about the engine performance of the 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan. However, the interior quality is one of the highlights for this new release. The upsizing boosts the overall width of this vehicle, consequently increasing interior space and elevated seating.

Pro’s of 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan

*Increased interior space;

*Elevated seating;

*More sculpted body and renewed styling;

*Maximum fuel economy.

Con’s of 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan

*The model is going to be way up high the price range, making it one of the most expensive sedans in the market.

Pricing Details

The 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan is expected to launch in autumn of 2011 although a Gran Turismo hatchback might be released in the US earlier than that. But in as early as now, it is safe to assume that the price tag will certainly go up due to the new F30 generation although the exact increase in price tag remains unknown. Taking all of the changes into account, one can therefore estimate that it will suffer from an average of $2,500 or $3,000 increase, such that the base price will begin at no less than $36,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive models in the range could go up to $65-70,000.

The Bottom Line

The 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan has a lot of things going on for it, such as the added body style without sacrificing any of the performance quality known of the BWM model series. The revamping done on the basic components of this vehicle model will deliver fundamental changes to a vehicle that has been around for decades and will hope to renew vitality for the series.

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