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2012 Carbon E7 Review and prices

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Carbon Motors Corporation has planned to release its latest production of 2012 Carbon E7 in near future. Before finalizing the design of this vehicle, the company had made lot of efforts to understand the requirements of police department of America. This would be the first car built for the purpose of police duties. 2012 Carbon E7 would be the car fully equipped to improve the safety and add comfort to America’s police officers. It would never be offered or sold to normal public.

The design of 2012 Carbon E7 is based on the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. It is designed using minimum metal towards the corners as it offers easy drive over difficult tracks. The rear portion has the ability to sustain 75 mph of collision without fuel tank leakage. Radio detecting sensors are mounted on front and rear bumpers to prevent the passenger from radiation menace. The vehicle is equipped with full vision cameras for exterior shoot. The cameras are featured with night vision as well. The vehicle is featured with automatic locking system as well as keyless entry for enhanced security of officers. Kevlar protection rejigged in the front door as well as the dashboard region and the front head protecting airbags, side airbags and side curtain airbags further enhances the officer’s security. The vehicle is also designed with rear doors that can open up to 90 degrees for easy transit of combative materials.

2012 Carbon E7 is believed to be loaded with the mechanism comprising of 3.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine associated with 6 cylinders. This engine is designed to produce the momentum of 300 horsepower and the torque of 420 lb.ft. It accelerates from null to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds using the standard 6 speed gearbox operating on automatic transmission mechanism. 155 mph is the highest limitation of its speed. The operation of this engine is based on the usage of diesel as well as the cheapest biodiesel. Its service life is around 250,000 miles which is claimed to be double than the patrol cars of retail model. Using this mechanism, the vehicle offers the satisfactory mileage ranging from 28 to 30 miles per gallon.

As most of the officers are of extra large heights, the interior of 2012 Carbon E7 provides comfortable headroom and the kneeroom. The front seats are of erect pose with side pads on cushions as well as on upper portion of seatback. The seats are separated around hip area for easy occupancy of officers engaged with revolvers or rods. This allows the easy transit of the officers even during emergency. The dashboard is equipped with navigation system and gauges, multi featured touch screen operated using wireless compact keyboard, climate control, tilt telescopic steering wheel which is embedded with switches to control light, radios, sirens as well as PA system.  Carbon E7 uses the communication system of ORCA also known as Onboard Rapid Command Architecture that is associated with crime database, central dispatch as well as other police cars.

2012 Carbon E7 is expected to arrive on road around the start of year 2012. Though the exact prices are still under wraps, the vehicle loaded with such a huge array of equipments is expected to arrive with the estimated price tag of more or less $55,000.

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