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2012 Chevrolet Orlando Review and Price

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General Motors is one of the known players in the auto manufacturing industry worldwide with Chevrolet as its best selling division. It gave a new addition to Chevrolet family. This is a concept called 2012 Chevrolet Orlando, a 5 door and 7 passenger small compact sedan. It has the distinct features to compete with its rivals such as Kia Rondo, Mazda 5 and Mitsubishi Outlander.

2012 Chevrolet Orlando is a makeover of its Cruze model. The car has adopted a crossover style design and the low roofline gives bolder look to the family van. The car has split radiator grille embedded front and a bow-tie badge. The vehicle is powered with efficient mechanism. It comes with a choice among three latest designed fuel efficient engines. First is the gasoline engine with 1.8 litre 4 cylinder motor emitting 141 horsepower and the 2 litre turbo diesel engines with 2 litre 4 cylinder motor emitting the power of 131 and 163 horsepower and a torque of 236 lb.ft. It is very well expected that the vehicle will be mounted with a 6 speed manual and automatic transmission unit. It works on front wheel drive mechanism which is capable of achieving stability on slippery road. 2012 Chevrolet Orlando is mounted on wheel arches sized from16 inches upto 18 inches. The wheel base of Orlando is much bigger than the Cruze model whereas the interiors resemble to that of Chevy’s Cruze. The interior is designed to serve the owners wish. The seats can be adjusted to give ample comfort as well as more cargo space. Orlando adapts the rows of seating arrangement. The second row has a split set up of 60/40 whereas third row possesses 50/50 split set up. The Cargo space can be extended by folding the third and the second row completely. If this is not enough, the front passenger seat is foldable to further increase the cargo floor. The tinted glass panel wraps the windows right from the windshield extending to liftgate giving it a gracious look.

All the three trim levels are furnished with the standard safety amenities like power mirrors, antilock disc brakes, antiskid technology, front airbags, passenger airbags as well as side airbags for the passenger’s protection. There are six air-bags to safeguard the passenger in event of collision. The safety features also include electronic stability control for the grip on bad roads. The dashboard is furnished with speedometer, iPod and MP3 connectivity, navigation system with LCD touch screen and music system.

Most crucial part is its fuel economy. The front wheel drive mechanism is designed to give the best fuel efficiency. As the 2012 Orlando has the diesel engine it is bound to give a better mileage. The car is expected to give a mileage of about 40 mpg on highways.

So now we have to wait until autumn of 2011 to see and actually experience this bold model. This is the expected launching period of 2012 Chevrolet Orlando in the market. Looking through the specifications we can see that 2012 Chevrolet Orlando gives great value for money.

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  1. February 25th, 2011 at 06:41 | #1

    I took delivery of my Orlando on Wednesday – I haven’t done any major driving in it so far, but the whole family likes it, and I think once I get used to the gear shift, it will be a very nice car to drive. After a very straightforward (and noisy) Citroen Picasso, this is much more elegant ride, it feels spacious and it is very quiet. We’ve got the 2l 161bhp diesel and as I say, I haven’t yet had to take it for a strenuous outing, but it feels as though I’ll have all the zip and zoom I need. I am looking forward to a couple of big long drives over Easter and Whitsun.