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2012 Corvette C7 Review and Price

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About 2012 Corvette C7

Ever since the launching of the C6, everyone was already talking about the next generation 2012 Corvette C7. And indeed, it was unveiled recently and got everyone excited about the news. But will it live up to the expectations of its many followers? Read further below to find out.

General Motors unveil the 2012 Corvette C7 and at this point, it is already being talked about as the next model extravaganza from the automaker. Despite initial setbacks such as uncertain CAFE regulations and weak balance sheet that has forced GM to put the production of this model on hold, they were able to resolve the said issues and this new model is expected to go on sale in a yet unidentified date in 2013.

In terms of vehicular architecture, the 2012 Corvette C7 is considered to have a front-engine, rear-transmission layout. The body requires an extra, metal-intensive firewall that results to minimal weight savings, if any. You will, however, expect no dramatic changes in the wheelbase and the overall dimension of the vehicle body. You can also take comfort in the idea that this model is designed by the same team responsible for the current Checy Camaro, Pontiac Solstice Coupe, and the Cadillac CTS. When you look on the inside of this vehicle though, its roominess and spacios cargo room will appeal to practical consumers who value comfort and ride quality.

Moving over to the drivetrain, the 2012 Corvette C7 will offer the V8 engine as its main engine option. However, consumers will now have more options on the table. Several rumors suggest the idea of a diesel engine although nothing is confirmed yet. Some critics would say that the twin-turbo V6 might be a stronger possibility, specifically a twin-turbo version for the direct-injection 3.6-liter DOHC V6 engine that can deliver up to 400 horsepower. There is also a huge possibility that the Variable Valve Timing engine might be incorporated to boost current powertrain performance of the vehicle model’s default V8 engine.

GM also understands the need to introduced turbocharged, smaller engines that are known to increase mileage capacity given the escalating fuel prices in the market. In fact, GM has promised a more fuel efficient model to increase customer satisfaction. But the use of lightweight materials will make a huge contribution to boosting its fuel efficiency rating, although as to how much exactly it has yet to be determined.

Pro’s of 2012 Corvette C7

*Superior horsepower output for the engine;

*Roomy interiors and maximum cargo space;

*Lightweight body increases fuel economy and mileage;

*Overall good value for its ride quality and performance.

Con’s of 2012 Corvette C7

*It is still not as powerful as the current model is.

Pricing Details

Since the expected release of the 2012 Corvette C7 does not arrive until 2013, the manufacturer has not issued any statement on the pricing details for this vehicle model yet. You must therefore stay tuned until further announcements are made.

The Bottom Line

The 2012 Corvette C7 still lack the performance to outdo the current car, although it does have a few notable characteristics. For one, its use of lightweight materials increase fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the horsepower outputs make it one of the best sports car bargains around!




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  1. Omega X
    February 6th, 2011 at 10:47 | #1

    I cant wait 2 see the new Corvette but I dont think it will surpass the current C6 Corvette ( in looks but maybe in power ) which is my favorite Corvette next 2 1963 Stinray Corvette