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2012 Ford Focus Mk3 Review

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2012 Ford Focus Mk3 is new and it is most sought out thing because from 2012 Ford is trying to combine North American varieties and International models for Ford Focus, and Ford Focus Mk3 is its name. The features are not disclosed yet and more aspects are expected in future. Here I bought you some information estimated from its previous models, so you can get some picture of what will be this vehicle consists of and your desire works with this or not.

The 2012 Ford Focus Mk3 is ready and it will be launched in American showrooms in middle of 2011 year, so the customers have lot of time to go through its features and at the sales time they will be in a correct position to buy. Every people who wants to won this Ford Focus Mk3 have some expectations about this vehicle and they are estimating themselves and if they find correct features like what they desire then it will be huge plus point to Ford company.

Features of new 2012 Ford Focus Mk3 are not disclosed yet so these are just estimations from previous ones, so going to main part of any car i.e. Engine, 2012 Ford Focus Mk3 is equipped with 2.0 liter engine it is estimated that it will produce around 155 horsepower and given with six speed manual transmission. This looks good and if you think your estimation is also same then it will be good for you and six speed manual transmission means comfort one to handle.

Another important aspect which customer rates high is Fuel Economy and even Companies try to limit it so that they can be in the top of market. Estimations are going round that Ford is in the same view to give a good Fuel consumption to 2012 Ford Focus Mk3, but there is no exact information about its figures but it is estimated that Focus will give 28 miles per gallon in city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway which looks good because in its kind it looks best.

The other features of this new Ford Focus Mk3 would be same like previous models with slight changes and going to styling part the new model will designed same like previous model but there are estimations going round that some slight changes would be there. The Rivals for 2012 Ford Focus Mk3 will be main worrying thing for Ford Company and customers will completely see which is better by comparing it with this new model and the main competition will come from Honda Civic, Volkswagon Jetta, Mazda 3, and Toyota Corolla. But Toyota Corolla has been in fall so Ford Focus and Honda civic will be gaining from this and it will be best chance to shine in market.

About going to pricing of 2012 Ford Focus Mk3, it is not yet disclosed by Ford but the estimations are going round what will be the pricing of this latest Focus. The base model will cost $16,000 and if you want to add any extra things then the cost will go high like if you want to equip automatic transmission then extra $900 should be paid. Coming to luxury models they can be owned by spending $17,000 to $22,000 which is some more bucks than base model and last top high model will be priced around $25000 and more, so its customer choice to choose which looks best for your financial position.

By discussing on goods and bad of this new 2012 Ford Focus Mk3 you decide to own it because you have so much time to its release and once you find it correct for yourself own it and enjoy your driving.

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