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2012 Ford Ranger Review and Prices

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Recently Some information regarding popular Ford’s pickup truck 2012 Ford Ranger has been revealed. The 2012 Ranger is supposed to build upon T6 platform and. The vehicle is due for 2011 and it is assumed that it will offer petrol and diesel both.

The details of 2012 Ford Ranger are not yet officially released but according to some sources we can get the news about this upcoming vehicle. According to leftlanenews.com the upcoming Ford Ranger 2012 model will be with new features and small pickup one, and about naming of this Ranger it is not yet decided,  to use the previous or present ones or any other.

Generally the future 2012 Ford Ranger will be some what larger than its successors which were sold in US, according to leftlanenews.com and it also estimated that it will be a four door Ranger.

The 2012 Ford Ranger T6 test trucks found are featured with both left and right hand drive versions and looks some what longer and wider that the present models. According to leftlanenews.com, their snapshots proved that the new test Rangers are powered with diesel and gas engines, and the T6 Ranger estimated for US will be coming with 1.6-liter four cylinder direct injection turbocharged Ecoboost engine which produces minimum 175 horsepower and 180 pounds feet of torque. Now going to outside the US the market will experience Ford’s 3.0 liter Duratoq TDCi four cylinder turbodiesel engines which produces 154 horespower and 280 pounds feet of torque.

All about 2012 Ford Ranger is hard to know but a little we can know is we have and according to autoevolution.com the engine will be four cylinder one and they will be diesel and petrol ones in that the diesel side will include 3.2l Duratorq TDCi and 2.21 Duratoq TDCi common rail units and while the petrol side will be equipping with 2.5l Duratec and a 2.0 litre Ecoboost. By estimation of this web source the new Ranger will be not much huge interior and rumored to be less red neck aspect, including the same build of dials and dash as 2011 Ford Fiesta. Even this source estimated that new 2012 Ford Ranger will be wider and loger than its previous ones.

According to zercustoms.com the new Ford 2012 Ranger will be equipped with new headlight create, a new frontside grille, restyled hood and redesigned rear lights cluster and even this source also published that this new Ford Ranger will be comparatively longer and wider with previous ones. The latest 2012 Ford Ranger pick up vehicle will be made with company’s latest T6 basis and will be having diesel and Duratec petrol engines, according to zercustoms.com and it is gossiped that this new model will be equipped with 2.2 liter and 3.2 litre TDCi.

The latest 2012 Ford Ranger will be having either automatic transmission or 6 speed manual according to zercustoms.com. The price of this latest 2012 Ford Ranger is not yet disclosed however this vehicle will show into the market by next year estimated. This new Ford Ranger will be sold out in United States and Canada and even this vehicle will be sold in Europe markets also.





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