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2012 GMC Granite Review and Price

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About 2012 GMC Granite

When GMC confirmed the production of an all-new 2012 GMC Granite due for release either spring or early summer in 2011, there was a mixed reaction in the market. However, many would consider this new model as an significant vehicle for the brand. It will serve to represent the changes that the brand will undergo with the fact that it will become the smallest GMC to date as the most notable change of all. To find out what else will go into the production of this vehicle, you can get more details below.

The 2012 GMC Granite is a compact SUV, which is an unusual route for the automakers since they have long been known for their big, rugged, and tough looking trucks from the past. In fact, they would go as far as dubbing their vehicle models as of “professional grade”. The closest competition for the Granite would have to be the newly revealed Chevy Orland, which has touted its own genre known as crossover-based utility vehicle or CUV.

The exterior styling for the 2012 GMC Granite was kept traditional such that it looks rugged but bolder than the Chevy Orlando. It has also earned comparisons with the Scion xB’s exterior design. The body side will offer a combination of convex and concave surfaces without betraying the compact size. When you look at the inside, this one feels like an urban loft since it is stylish, comfortable, and chic. According to the automakers, the interior design was inspired by aircraft-type mechanical precision tools and instruments.

In terms of powertrain, the 2012 GMC Granite will offer two engine options. The first one is 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine that can produce up to 138 hp and 129 lb-ft torque. The second option is the 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a maximum 140 hp and 148 lb-ft torque. There are also two choices for the transmission system: six-speed manual and six-speed automatic. All vehicle models will be sporting a front wheel drive to deliver sportiness and efficiency. The fuel economy rating for this vehicle is not available as of the moment as the vehicle has yet to undergo EPA tests.

Pro’s of 2012 GMC Granite

*Comfortable and livable interiors;

*Compact size with SUV capacity;

*Powertrain performance is comparable to full-sized SUVs;

*Sporty driving experience.

Con’s of 2012 GMC Granite

*Pricing might be slightly higher than other compact SUVs.

Pricing Details

The 2012 GMC Granite might be an entry-level model but knowing that GMC is a premium brand in the auto market, then you can expect the price range to be quite up there. However, it is expected to be priced lower than the midsize Terrain, with an estimated price range of $24,250 with the highest priced model at $29,250. The said price range applies for the 2WD model.

There are several factors that could come into play though, especially with the spring or summer 2011 release still a long ways off. Hence, there is still a possibility for the prices to actually go lower than estimated.

The Bottom Line

The 2012 GMC Granite is a competitive option in the market for anyone shopping around for a compact SUV. There are several plus points for considering this particular model: GMC is a premium auto brand, it is an upscale model without necessarily wreaking your budget, and it has some strategic enhancements that would appeal to both young and old consumers.




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