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2012 Nissan Cube

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The 2012 Nissan Cube is probably one of the best car bargains available because it provides you a lot of room for a small price. A basic stripped down model with a 1.8 liter engine can be purchased for just $14,290.

The advantages to the Cube are obvious even though it’s small it is a four door and it has a large hatch back. This would make a good carpool vehicle and a good vehicle for a family with kids looking for basic transportation.

Lots of Features

Best of all even the no-frills 1.8 model does come loaded with features. According to Nissan’s website the basic Cube comes with:

• Air Conditioning with in-cabin microfilter.
• AM/FM CD Player with auxiliary jack.
• Six standard airbags
• Anti-lock breaking system.
• Traction Control System
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System
• Folding rear bench seat.

Despite all this the 2012 Nissan Cube’s best feature is the room. It has a huge hatch back and a folding back seat so it will function as a station wagon if need be. It also has the room to seat four large adults, which is definitely a plus in such a small car. If you use the folding rear bench seat you could even fit in four adults and a couple of kids.

2012 Nissan Cube – A Great Looking Bargain

This makes the Cube a bargain but the best thing about it maybe its’ look. This is a good looking little car that Automobile Magazine described as “funk, fun and futuristic.” The design is elegant and a little reminiscent of Mini without the retro styling.

The Cube’s look is actually a little clean and simple which adds to its appeal. The Cube has won a lot of awards so Nissan hasn’t changed it that much for 2012. The 2012 Cube is essentially the same as the acclaimed 2010 model.

Despite the funky look and station wagon features the Cube is definitely an economy car. The most expensive version the 1.8 S Krom edition sells for around $21,190 according to Nissan’s site. The slightly upgraded S and SL editions sell for $15,560 and $17,750.

Best of all, the Cube does have really gas mileage specs, 27 city and 31 highway. That makes it not only fun but also very economical. The Cube is definitely one of the best economy car values. It doesn’t have the gas mileage of a hybrid but it is cost effective.

1.8 S Krom Edition

The oddly named 1.8 S Krom edition is the top of the line Cube. It does come with a lot of additional features most of which are cosmetic. It is available in metallic gray, silver and other colors which makes it really good looking for a cheaper car.

The engine is slightly more powerful but it is still a 1.8 liter. The front wheel drive vehicle does come with a six speed continuously variable transmission. There is also an electronic drive by wire throttle to make it a little easier to drive. Despite this the extra money for the Krom edition doesn’t seem to be worth it.

The 2012 Nissab Cube is definitely one of the best of the cheaper vehicles out there. Yet it is also a little hard to define, is it a station wagon or an economy hatchback? Hard to say but it’s definitely a bargain for the price.

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