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2012 Nissan Sunny

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The 2012 Nissan Sunny debuted in 2003 as China’s first locally built model from the new Dongfeng Nissan partnership. The consumers liked the combination of drive performance, quality, and space making the Sunny a foundation for the Nissan brand in the passenger vehicle market in China.

The 2012 Nissan Sunny will go on sale starting in January 2011 in China and gradually make its way into 170 countries. It will keep the name 2012 Nissan Sunny when it is sold in China, but when it goes to other markets, the car will be given another name. In some of the other markets, this car has carried the name Almera, Sentra, Pulsar, and Tsuru.

2012 Nissan Sunny - Photo Courtsey http://www.nissan-global.com

At this time, the engine in the 2012 Nissan Sunny is the 1.5-liter capacity HR15DE engine which has dual injectors but the price range, output, and performance will be revealed later. The company does give an estimate at to what this car will cost but there is no set price yet. They estimate that the 2012 Nissan Sunny will cost from 82.8K to 112.8K RMB. This is equal to approximately 1.04 million to 1.41 million yen. In dollar terms it ranges from $12.56K to $17.11K, at the existing exchange rate.

This car is designed for young families in early thirties that are looking for a low cost medium size sedan with plenty of interior space, features, and quality that are associated with the Nissan and Sunny brand. The Nissan Sunny is a class leader in fuel economy. This car delivers easy in city driving where there is frequent deceleration and acceleration. To make the driving sporty and agile at low speeds, steady and stable at higher speeds, the car manufactures are using MacPherson struts for the front suspension and a torsion beam for the rear suspension.

The 2012 Nissan Sunny is a mechanical clone of the Micra with the doorknobs and start-stop control elements. It is trying not to look like one of those hatch turned sedan versions. In December 2010 the 2012 Nissan Sunny was unveiled at the 8th China International Automobile exhibition.

Via :  Nissan Global

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