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2012 Nissan Versa Review and Prices

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The advance information about the new 2012 Nissan Versa has started appearing slowly. The Nissan Versa has been touted at the “Cheapest Car in US”. It is probably the only car that has been made available under $10,000 – and yes that is brand new car.

But do not get along with the marketing ploy of Nissan which want to make a brand name  for versa. Touting it as the cheapest car helps in this brand naming. But what do you get in the sub $10K car ?

Before the advent of the 1.6 Liter engine Nissan Versa, the Chevy Aveo was touted as the cheapest car in US. Its 1.6 Liter engine gives out 107 horse power. As far as the fuel economy is concerned it gives out 26 mpg in City and 34 mpg in highway.

Many customers have complaint about the looks of the 2012 Nissan Versa. Do you remember Toyota Echo ? Many customers had the same complaint about Echo and it was advent of the Toyota Yaris that their complaint went away. Can we expect that 2012 Nissan Versa will have a better looks. Nissan – are you listening.

Beside Chevy Aveo, the 2012 Nissan Versa will continue to find competitors from Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris. Though priced slightly higher, the Toyota Yaris has better looks and its dashboard is funky with all the modern gadgets.

Besides the basic 1.6 Liter engine the Nissan Versa also comes with the 1.8 Liter Engine.

Notice that the sub 10K car is without the Air Conditioner. Unless you are living in a very cold area that remains cool even in the summer, you will almost always like to have the Air Conditioner as the option. And this will push the cost up by about $700. The entry level 1.6 Liter model with Air Conditioner will cost you $10,600, give or take couple of hundreds of dollars. And that too, it will be a manual drive.  The one with Automatic Transmission  will be even more expensive.

Cheap ? Yes, your boss will like to buy one for you if you wish a company car. He will say – Strong men buy manual drive :).  And if your son is about to graduate from college and needs one – this is not an entry level first car to buy.

You comments and expectations now.

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