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2012 Toyota Highlander Review and Price

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Toyota being the star brand in the automobile world is introducing the polished redesign which is to be known as 2012 Toyota Highlander. 2012 Highlander is younger sibling of 2011 Highlander replicating all its characteristics with some improved features.

2012 Toyota Highlander can be described as a mighty muscular beast in the class of SUVs.  Though it is a single body SUV it can also be labelled as a lavish family car. Its interior is smartly designed with three rows of seating arrangement to comfortably accommodate seven passengers along with relatively spacious cargo floor. The second row can get the captain’s chair look just by completely removing the central seat of the row. This seat can be kept in the slot provided. With this one can easily pass through the second row towards the third. Basically, the generous cargo space is 10.3 cubic feet which can be easily increased to 42.3 cubic feet as the third row can be completely folded. Even the second row of the SUV can be folded to further expand the cargo floor upto 95.4 cubic feet. All the 2012 Highlander vehicles will ride with a set of alloy wheels measuring 17 inches, 18 inches or 19 inches thereby increasing the cost with respect to wheel size.

2012 Toyota Highlander is presented with hybrid styled mechanism. It works on gasoline, electric power or even both. 2012 Highlander works on 2.7 liter and 4 cylinder engine in association with front wheel drive mechanism to produce momentum of 187hp, whereas the 3.5 liter V6 engine paired with front wheel and all wheel drive (AWD) produces momentum of 270hp. The hybrid mechanism facilitates the engine to drive the vehicle using both gasoline and electric power to give accelerated performance. As the front wheel drive system supports the vehicle in slippery conditions by maintaining traction, the system automatically transforms the AWD to front wheel drive. 2012 Highlander is furnished with unique panel gauges to monitor the consumption of gas and electric power. It comes equipped with the array of standard safety features comprising antiskid system, traction control, antilock disc brakes, and front as well as side curtain airbags all over the vehicle to avoid internal collisions.

The interior of 2012 Highlander is built using classic grade materials and is equipped with automatic power steering wheel which offers smooth control and power windows with mirrors and locks. Toyota presents Highlander in various trim levels offering standard and optional set of features. The optional set includes Bluetooth for wireless mobile connectivity, power moonroof, power liftback, leather upholstery, three zone air conditioning systems, rear DVD video and a voice recognition navigation system.

Fuel economy being the priority of the buyers, 2012 Highlander is designed using 4 cylinder engine paired with front wheel drive to enhance fuel efficiency. This design helps to give the mileage of 20 mpg on city streets and 27 mpg on highway. The 2012 Highlander hybrid gives satisfactory performance of 27 mpg on city road and 25 mpg on highway.  The mileage in city is more than on highway as the vehicle rides on low speed using electric power on city roads.

2012 Toyota Highlander with V6 and front wheel drive comes with the base price of $29.500 whereas V6 with AWD comes with estimated cost of $31,500. The expected price of 2012 Toyota Highlander is expected to hang around $37,000.

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