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2013 Smart ForFour Review and Prices

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About 2013 Smart ForFour

When the initial release from the Smart ForFour lineup hit the market, it was relatively unsuccessful for a good many reasons. For one, this 4-seater hatchback looked “nice” for a car, but its high price left many wondering what more there is in store for them on this one. It failed to make an impact as the developers were hoping for it. However, all that is behind the developers now with the expected arrival of the 2013 Smart ForFour. To find out what new changes are incorporated here, you can get more details below.

The 2013 Smart ForFour is expected to deliver the same four-door and four-passenger hatchback that it did in the past. There is little information known as of now when it comes to the actual design and interior features of this vehicle. However, the bigger focus has been shed towards the powertrain performance, especially knowing that there is a huge competition for the premium subcompact cars in the market. Some of the confirmed features for this vehicle include a 4-wheel independent suspension, electrohydraulic power steering, antiskid system, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes, and front and curtain side air bags for your safety.

What experts can assure as of now with the 2013 Smart ForFour is that it will look for clean-sheet components instead of rehashing the same hardware used on Nissan Renault. The US version for this model is expected to offer the turbocharged four-cylinder engine as its main engine option and that is expected to deliver up to 100 horsepower and 110 lb-ft torque. There are also rumors for another engine option, which is a 1.3-liter 3-cylinder engine, although that has yet to be confirmed as of the moment.

The default transmission system option for the 2013 Smart ForFour is the six-speed automated-manual. A unique feature incorporated here is the mileage-boosting idle-stop feature, which manifests the company’s goals to deliver high-mpg and low emission models to deliver more consumer appeal on the market. Rumors say it that a “smart” alternator will be equipped into the engine for this vehicle model to reduce power-sapping engine drag whenever braking or coasting such that you can enjoy better mileage with this vehicle.

Pro’s of 2013 Smart ForFour

  • High performing and better mileage engine;
  • More reasonably priced than previous model;
  • Unibody design help to bring in a smoother ride.

Con’s of 2013 Smart ForFour

  • There is lack of distinctive styling from previous model.

Pricing Details

The pricing is one of the toughest aspect for the 2013 Smart ForFour but no definite information has been released as of the moment, especially since it is still a long way to go before release. There are still a lot of design issues that have to be finalized on this model. However, estimates are expected to begin at well under $20,000 in the US because this is considered as the best price range for small cars in the market.

The Bottom Line

The 2013 Smart ForFour is returning to the market with a bang! It has learned from its previous mistake and is not just looking to correct them, but also aiming for a subcompact vehicle that offers lots of value for its price tag.




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