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A list of websites recovered from Google Panda

Starredreviews report

Recovery of the websites from Google Panda has been rare. Some of them have been reported by the webmasters and others can be inferred from the traffic at alexa or quancast. Here is a list of the websites compiled by starredreviews that have recovered from Google Panda

1. Cult of Mac Cult of MAC was one of the earliest websites that recovered from Google Panda. Cult of MAC has a huge following and writes about Apple products including MAC and iPhones. A technology oriented website, Cult of MAC covers anything and everything including the recent iPhone operating systems, new launches, hardware.

Cult of MAC’s recovery was also highly controversial. Its recovery did not align with the period of Panda re run. As you know Panda does not work in a continuous function though other minor tweak may continue to work. So it is quite possible that a manual exception was made by Google in the case of Cult of MAC leading to its recovery. The suspicion gains ground, since, Cult of MAC did not say anything they did on their own to recover from Google Panda.

Leander Kahney, the Cult of MAC owner had acknowledged the degradation of its website just after Feb launch of Panda. “We’re not alone. Also affected is the British Medical Journal, PR Newswire….” – he had said in an statement that was later on removed.

2. labnol Digital Inspiration, the name given by its owner Amit Agarwal, was also one of the earliest sites that reported Panda recovery. Unlike the Cult of MAC, Mr. Agarwal does lists out changes that he made leading to the Panda recovery. The most important changes he made include noindexing the tag pages, deleting unnecessary tags, fixing 404 pages, fixing short meta description and preventing google from indexing some pages using robots.txt

However, the Digital Inspiration did not remove the top ad and also did not enlarge some of the contents that can be said to be “thin content”. Many of his “how to” articles, though useful, can not be categorized as unique or not available at other places.

3. Daniweb Dani Horowitz’s Daniweb is a classical example, which shows that a dedicated effort can lead to Panda recovery – at least it looks like that from the long list of actions she took to make her site recover from Google Panda. It including improving the response time of website, removing the annoying pop up, making thin content pages “noindex” , adding more editorial content. Dani’s recovery offers a great hope for the webmasters who are working on improving their site quality to recover from Google Panda.

4. Pocket-lint Poket-lint works on a crowded niche where a huge number of MFA sites fight for the supremacy. Pocket-lint is on the border line, if we are to look at the traffic around July 25, 2011 in quantcast. It looks like it is on the road to final recovery. If pocket-lint recovers in a stable way, it will confirm that long articles are not necessary. Many of the pockt-lint content are barely 300 words and potentially come under thin content.

5. DCResource The owner has reported the recovery of the dcresource, though we do not have an independent way to verify the claim. DC Resource is also controversial as many of its pages contain affiliate links that are not nofollow. DC Resource publishes camera review and is one of the trusted names in Camera articles, reviews and news.

If your website has recovered from Google Panda, list it here. You may also like to list out what you did to recover from Google Panda.

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  1. Mike
    August 10th, 2011 at 19:31 | #1

    Daniweb should not have been allowed to recover. They have all copied content from other tutorial sites.

    They have bribed google using their Adsense and Adwords Account Manager. Was it just a coincidence that their problem recovered when they complained to Google Adwords Account Manager.

  2. Me8745
    September 5th, 2011 at 20:09 | #2

    —“DC Resource is also controversial as many of its pages contain affiliate links that are not nofollow.”

    If their content is good what does this have to do with it???

    Daniweb was probably white-listed after making a big stink, along with Pocket Lint.

    Labnol was also whitelisted.

  3. Siri
    October 24th, 2011 at 09:21 | #3

    labnol is nothing but a content farm. Its recovery did not align with the Panda update. There is something going under the table. Mat Cutts are you listening ?