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Acer AS5253-bz692 Review – AMD C-50 Processor

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The Aspire AS5253-BZ692 is a 15.6 inch Notebook powered by AMD’s latest C-50 Fusion processors. AMD like to call is APU or the Accelerated processing unit, a term coined to indicate the part formed out of the “fusion” of processor and the graphics section. The term APU is often used by janata interchangeably with processor. The C-50 APU has two processor cores, each clocked at 1.0 GHz. Its processing power is not great, but decent for an entry level computing. You will find good graphics performance with the integrated graphics controller in the C-50 APU.

Acer AS5253-bz692 comes pre-installed with 3 GB of DDR memory and 320 GB of Hard Disk. Acer has tried to keep its cost under control and 3 GB is definitely not bad under most home as well as office communicating environment. Of course, if you need processing horse power, this notebook may not be suitable for you – but then this one is not designed to be a processing horse power.

Acer AS5253-bz692 comes with 15.6 inch widescreen LCD screen, that should give you decent bright display with its LED backlighting. It integrated Radeon Graphics should be decent enough for some casual gaming at low resolution. The notebook comes with DVD reader and writer. Acer AS5253-bz692 will allow you to view the DVD as well as the High Definition content without any hitch.

As part of the Acer AS5253-bz692 review, we present you key features of this notebook. Here it goes

– AMD Dual-Core C-50 APU clocked at 1 GHz
– 3GB RAM and 320GB hard drive
– 15.6″ High Definition LED backlit, LCD Display
– DVD writer ( 8X speed, Double Layer)
– Wired and Wireless networking capability
– Does come with High Definition integrated webcam – 1280 X 1024 resolution
– Card reader that supports SD
– More than 3 hours of battery life

As you can see Acer AS5253-bz692 comes with everything that you expect in an entry level notebook. The notebook is available at Staples for $349 in special deal at Staples in President’s day sale. Definitely worth grabbing at this price.

The notebook does come with integrated webcam that you can use to chat with your family and friends.

Acer AS5253-bz692 Pros

– Inexpensive ( at least in the deals)
– Comes with webcam and every feature in an entry level notebook.

Acer AS5253-bz692 Cons

– Not a high end computing machine

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