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Acer AS5742Z-4459 Laptop – Review

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Acer AS5742Z-4459 is a 15.6″ screen Laptop powered by the Intel Pentium P6200, a 2.13 GHz dual core processor. This entry level and relatively inexpensive notebook comes with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB of harddisk. The integrated webcam and the HDMI makes it a complete notebook for home, entertainment as well as office use.

Quick Features at a Glance

– Intel Pentium P6200 dual core 2.13 GHz processor ( with 3 MB Intel Smart Cache)
– 15.6 inch LCD screen
– 4 GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk
– Integrated Webcam
– HDMI Output
– 3 USB ports, Microphone and Headphone out, 1 VGA Conn
– Wired ( Gigabit Ethenet) and wireless internet connectivity
– DVD burner.

It may be worthwhile to go through the individual components of the notebook


The Pentium P6200 that powers the Acer AS5742Z-4459 Laptop is a 2.13 GHz dual core processor that gives a decent performance. The processor is based upon the same architecture as the Intel core i3 processor. Both the core i3 and the Pentium P6200 have integrated memory controller and both have 3 MB of L3 Cache. Pentium P6200 is actually slightly stripped down version of the core i3 processor. For example you will find that the hyperthreading is disabled in the Pentium P6200. We should therefore expect that the performance of the Pentium P6200 is slightly lower than that of t he Intel core i3 processor.

Notice that we have found some places like excaliberpc listing the notebook with Pentium Processor P6100 at 2.0GHz. If it is powered by the P6100, you should expect slightly less performance. Make sure you check with the vendor before buying this machine.

RAM and Hard Disk

The AS5742Z-4459 comes with 4 GB of RAM and a huge 500 GB of hard disk. This makes this laptop suitable for the moderate to high end computing.


Acer AS5742Z-4459 has 15.6″ LCD screen that comes with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

Key Differentiating Feature

There are three other key features, that set this notebook apart from the other entry level notebooks. The first one is the HDMI with which you can display the contents of the notebook on a LCD HDTV or a projector. The second is the included webcam, that not all entry level notebooks come with. And finally Acer AS5742Z-4459 comes with Gigabit Ethernet, which will substantially enhance the performance in an intranet environment. So if your office is set up for Gigabit ethernet and you want to transfer data between computers in the network, the Gigabit Ethernet will make it lightening fast.

Connectivity and other features

The notebook comes with 3 USB connectors. A Microphone and Headphone out are provided as in most other notebooks. The VGA Connectors can be used to project the screen contents on a office projector or can be seen on a larger monitor.

Bottom Line

While the peripherals of this notebooks sounds like a moderate to high end notebook, it processor can be categorized as an entry level. With the entry level we do not mean it is sluggish in any way. What we do mean here is that, it is not as fast as the core i5 processors. If very high processing power is not your main requirement, this Acer notebook could be good choice if you can get it in deals under $450 or so. Remember that Acer’s quality is not the best ( we have seen its quality and durability to be inferior to Sony and Toshiba.

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