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Acer Aspire 5251 Review

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Acer Aspire 5251 notebook is one of the cheapest series of notebooks from Acer. From Acer’s recent trend, we can easily conclude they are now inclining toward cheap notebook segment. The Aspire 5251 comes with AMD’s latest V120 processor which is cheap processor and AMD M880G chipset which include ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics and support DDR3 memory. The 5251 notebook is available in 4 models

1. Acer Aspire AS5251-1005

2. Acer Aspire AS5251-1245

3. Acer Aspire AS5251-1513

4. Acer Aspire AS5251-1805

The price of the models varies and comes within a range of $350- $475( approx)

Acer Aspire AS5251 or 5251 fitted with AMD V Series Processor V120 which belongs to Vision 2010 family of AMD processors. It is a low end processor having single core only but due to integrated memory controller it sends data to system memory without any obstructions. Only level 2 512KB cache available with the processor and it clocked with 2.2GHz

All models of Acer Aspire AS5251 comes with ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics, which is onboard entry level graphics can decode HD content and Blu ray content due to its Unified Video Decoder ; supports 1080p content. You can play old games and some new games in lower settings

Acer 5251 notebook comes with 15.6” Acer cine crystal display which is LED backlit and has 1366*768 screen resolution is 16:9 aspect.

When comes to operating system the machine comes with window’s 7 home premium.

The only difference between the models of 5251 exists in their system memory configuration. Acer Aspire AS5251-1005 and Acer Aspire AS5251-1513 comes with 2GB DDR3 memory, 2 GB in a single slot while Acer Aspire AS5251-1245 and Acer Aspire AS5251-1805 comes with 3GB DDR3 memory as 2+1 format. However user can increase RAM upto 8GB in 2 slots.

Acer Aspire AS5251 comes with 250GB storage.

Other connectivity features include 3 USB 2.0, HDMI port, VGA port , 5-1 media card reader and acer crystal eye webcam. The networking features comprise of 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN and Gigabit LAN. Aspire 5251 comes with Super multi drive.

The keyboard of Acer 5251 is of full sized with dedicated numeric keypad which is one of the best features it incorporates if you compare it with other similar priced laptop or netbook.

All features are encased within a matte finish cover which might not appeal your eyes but protect your machine from fingerprints and scratches.

The 6 cell li-ion battery pack of Acer 5251 provides 3.3 hours of battery life.

Pros of Acer Aspire AS5251

The first thing I want to say about the notebook is as a cheap notebook Acer Aspire AS5251 offers a good amount of features like 15.6” display, HDMI, full size keyboard with dedicated numeric pad. So we can’t expect more from this notebook. The 5.7 lb weight is also good if you consider its size.


No such cons

Final thought

Acer Aspire AS5251 is a full fledged notebook. Don’t get confused by seeing it prices. It can be your everyday companion. For more customer reviews you can visit Acer Aspire 5251-1805 Amazon page. Acer Aspire AS5215-1805 is high end model of 5251 series.

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  1. Terri
    January 6th, 2012 at 15:27 | #1

    This computer can not be upgraded to 8GB of Ram. I have installed 8GB it recognizes all, only uses 3.74 GB. Acer is useless in the fixing of this glitch. They pushed me off on Microsoft, who are no help either, telling me it’s a problem with Acer.

  2. Derrick
    January 20th, 2012 at 12:31 | #2

    Terri, its not an issue with ACER or Microsoft, mine is running 7.74GB, it is normal for it to run slightly less. Have you tried running with just one RAM card at a time? Seems like one may be defective.

  3. Ed
    February 9th, 2012 at 09:39 | #3

    I upgraded my Acer 5251 to 8 gig ram. It recognizes the new memory. However, now my screen resolution has dropped which makes things bigger on the screen and “stretched”. I tried to increase the res in control panel but it now tells me that my max resolution available is 1024X768. What’s going on and how can I fix it?

  4. August 3rd, 2012 at 12:42 | #4

    No drivers for Win XP. Only support Win7.