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Acer Aspire AS1551-4650 Review Netbook

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Acer Aspire AS1551-4650 is a 11.6 inch screen Netbook powered by AMD Athlon II Neo 1.3 GHz Dual-Core K325 Processor. It comes with 2 GB of RAM and 250 GB of hard disk. The Netbooks never seemed to really take off with the prices of the notebooks falling and newer tablets coming book. However, you may find Acer Aspire AS1551-4650 worth a look with its decent performance and nice screen. Let us take a look at the individual components of this netbook.


Acer Acer Aspire AS1551-4650 is powered by the AMD Athlon II Neo Dual-Core K325 Processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. The AMD Athlon II Neo Dual-Core K325 comes with ample 2 MB of cache. While this processor is not one of the greatest processors in for small netbooks, it will allow you to perform all you home computing easily. Acer Aspire AS1551-4650 comes with AMD M880G Express chipset. The chipset is an IC on the motherboard, which allows a processor to communicate with the peripheral.

Memory and Hard Disk

Acer Aspire AS1551-4650 comes with 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory. This much of memory is generally just good enough for all of your entry level tasks. You may expand it to 4 GB in case some of your applications are heavy in the memory requirements. Th hard Drive capacity is 250 GB.


The display in the Aspire AS1551-4650 is 11.6 inch in size with WXGA resolution (1366 x 768). The screen looks bright with LED backlighting. The edged of the display are crisp because of the high pixel density ( large number of pixels in relatively smaller size). The graphics is driven by ATI Radeon HD4225 Graphics Controller that comes with 384 MB of VRAM

Other Features

Interestingly this netbook does come with and HDMI port which will be highly useful to present any demonstration on LCD screen or a projector. It has 3 USB ports and comes with wired and wireless internet connectivity. The built in speakers and microphone comes handy, in case you are looking for audio or video chats.

There are few issues that you should be aware of about this netbook, in case you are planning to buy ( There are deals that will offer you at $350 or so). The first is that this netbook does not come with any DVD drive. So, if , for example you need to install a program that comes on a DVD, you may find issues as a novice. You will have to download the program from the internet, which may eat up a large time if the program size is large. This is one reason for starredreviews, not to recommend this netbook.

Secondly the prices of the notebooks are realyy dirt cheap. You may invest $100 or so more and get a decent 15.4″ in netbook with a decent dual processor. It will come with optical DVD drive. Unless mobility is your prime concern, we do not recommend this netbook.

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