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Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ481 Review

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Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ481 is an entry level notebook powered by AMD’s latest Fusion C-50 processor. It has an screen size of 15.6 inch and comes with relatively low 2 GB RAM. There is nothing great about Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ481 except that it is available for an inexpensive price at Target ( $379 at the time of writing) and comes with HDMI port. This notebook comes with 250 GB of hard disk.

The AMD’s C-50 is a single core 1 GHz processor which is which is decent enough to let you do all you entry level works smoothly – including web surfing, emails, chat, webcam, spreadsheet and word. The notebook is great for you entry level processing needs. But if some of your applications need higher processing power you may like to look at some of the dual core processor based notebooks. The latest AMD’s E-350 based notebook could be a better choice.

The Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ481 does come with other common feature that you need in a notebook, including, the webcam, wired and wireless networking. It also comes with 3 USB ports. The Windows Home premium edition is pre-installed with this notebook.

Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ481 Pros

– Inexpensive, entry level notebook
– Comes with HDMI
– Comes with All features that come in a notebook

Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ481 Cons
– Processing power is low
– Only 2 GB RAM

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