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Acer Aspire One – A Multipurpose Notebook

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Looking for the most convenient and multi-purpose laptop or notebook in the market? Well, you can look no further as Acer Aspire One offers technology that will surely beat out its competitors in the market. It is very handy as it measures around 8.9 inches only with a starting price that is comparably lower than most laptop brands in the market.

If you’re a professional who is looking to buy a notebook that will reflect your status, then Acer Aspire One is something you must consider buying. It comes with a glossy surface and smooth edges that make it comfortable to hold onto. In comparison to other models though, it has a pretty basic appearance to it as the model would like to emphasize function over aesthetics. But the LCD screen though is able to product solid look and you can be secure that it will be able to hold up enough amount of impact when you place it inside a book bag.

Acer Aspire One is also easily upgradeable, such that you can continually enhance its performance. However, you will often encounter temporary difficulties such as removing the case so you can access the hard drive.

Going into the key and touch pad, this notebook has the capability of a 10-inch laptop model. Although the screen borders are a bit huge for Acer Aspire One, the keyboard is easy to type into with a strong surface and flexible keys. One convenient feature about the keyboard is the presence of the “page up” and “page down” buttons, which is something that is lacking in most laptop models; thus, making it easier to scroll through the page you are trying to view.

The touch pad for Acer Aspire One is also unique from other models wherein the right and left click buttons are located on the top. For this one, it is located on either side of the touchpad so you can choose respective directions to activate specific commands. It might be a bit tricky and require a bit of getting used to if you are familiar with the old touchpad design.

Now on to the nitty and gritty, the performance of Acer Aspire One is actually quite impressive for its size. It is run by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor with 1GB DDR2 533 MHz, and 3-Cell 23Wh battery. Although it does not load at an impressive speed, it adequately performs based on its processing unit. You can easily handle such tasks as browsing the internet, word processing, or editing photos. For gaming though, it may still run at a decent frame rate despite the low-end Atom based system.

Additional features for this notebook such as the audio quality and speaker were up to par, but the peak volume level is still a bit low. So, you might need the aid of a headphone when playing music or gaming to clearly listen to the audio. There are several convenient port options for Acer Aspire One though, such as having two card readers, three standard USB ports, VGA, and LAN. You can also use the Mini-PCIe slot to upgrade the 3G feature without purchasing additional hardware.

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