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Acer P215H LCD Monitor Review

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Acer P215H LCD Monitor is the new LCD monitor that is from ACER, the leading business player in the computer electronics field. This monitor has a LCD display measuring 21.5 inches diagonally, The LCD technology not only makes the monitor ultra slim but also makes it consume less power than the classical CRT monitor. The cost of this monitor is 130 dollars, the same display size monitor built using CRT Technology may cost lesser than the LCD monitor but on a long run the power consumed is what really counts.

The response time of Acer P215H LCD Monitor is only 5 milliseconds. Acer P215H LCD Monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The brightness offered by this monitor is 300 candela per square meter. The maximum resolution that can be displayed on this monitor is 1920 X 1080 pixels. The horizontal and vertical viewing angle of this monitor is only 160 degrees, however for viewing angle required for Desktop monitors is lesser that than of the value that need to be there for the televisions. This supports DVI input which is secured using HDCP along with the standard VGA input. This can be mounted on wall as well and also Acer P215H LCD Monitor is energy star qualified, which makes it environmental friendly as well as pollution free.

Acer P215H LCD Monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The normal operating contrast ratio is 1000:1 but based on the scenario it will be scanned up to a maximum value of 50,000:1. Acer P215H LCD Monitor is inter operable with both PC and MAC type machines. The vertical frequency of this monitor varies between 55 – 75 Hertz and the horizontal frequency varies between 30–80 hertz.

The power consumed by Acer P215H LCD Monitor is 30 watts. There are no speakers that are integrated into the monitor and also it does not support HDMI input. The screen refresh rate is 60 hertz and this monitor is does not have touch screen capabilities. There is no Antiglare coating either, which saves the user’s eyes from glares by avoiding reproduction of the glare on the monitor. The warranty that covers the monitor from the purchasing date is for 3 years which covers both spare parts and labor. Physical damage suffered wont be repaired free of cost as the warranty does not cover physical damage and water damage. This is one of the products from Acer which binds technology with performance. In simple words this is the best monitor for a desktop that you can think of as it has amazing display clarity, which enhances the gaming experience as well as normal working experience.

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