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AIEEE: How To Go About it to Ensure Success?

The mindboggling periods of anxiety and fear, diminishing on the realm of assessment relinquish the era of examination. It prophet’s the various episodes of subsistence, in a student’s life to its extreme. Propagating the prodigy of competence examinations provoke the essence of a splendid experience. Thus sabotaging the normal course of action, examinations helps identify the ideal fit for any specific purpose. This is an imperative structured strategy to promulgate the sheer nature of both the recipient and the benefactor.

The morbid fear emancipated by these exhilarating assessment circles, depicts the standard of an opinioned decision, paved towards the future of an individual. This is a structured approach to relinquish the standards of education and its progress.  AIEEE is one of the most competitive examinations held under the common entrance examinations on all India basis. This is the prelude to the strategic allocation of a structured paradigm, thus giving way to the admission programs into various institutions.  The multiplicity in the varying programs available along with relevant exams under this , further sluice off the turmoil pertaining to the financial and mental burdens on students and parents.
Preparation for AIEEE is considered as to be one of the most excruciating issues. Adhering to the heaving syllabus and escalating pressure of time and competition the complicatedness looks ad infinitum. Though there is a catch to this blatant situation. As envisaged this exam is not as difficult as it looks. The only concern is regarding the practice or approach one adheres to embark upon the tricky questions in the exam.  To every other problem, it is wise to devise a specific strategy, which can engineer every other probing concern. Few of the strategies are cited below:

Conventional Method:

Unlike the school exams, these competitive exams follow a different pattern of producing questions. Unblemished and concrete approach is what this preparation demands. One can always opt for the normal way of learning and unlearning along with regular practice. These would substantiate the sheer hard work of the individual to a larger extent.

Contemporary Method:

This is a neo-conventional way of acknowledging one’s strength and weakness, leading to the ultimate goal.  In here one needs to identify his or her potential attributes. These would help in devising strategies in the course of preparation of various subjects. One can opt for SWOT analysis. Though there are other methods, this is more convenient and easy to understand.

S- Strength

One should know. What are the strengths on which he or she can embark upon, in times of emergency?  These should be the prime focus of any student. And regular practice is imperative to maintain the consistency.  The questions which are directly dependent on the concepts can be used as strength and equated adequately to furnish the equilibrium.

If one is weak in any specific subject, it needs regular practice. These become the loophole in the future course of action. To move these weaknesses to the strength segment, you need to identify and understand the cues to the solution.  These are those questions which one is unable to solve or is not able to solve within specific time period.
Every tricky question has a hidden flap, which is an open invitation to the solution. Most of the complexes looking questions are easy. They require shortcuts and a thorough understanding to the question.  At times these questions usually carry high marks in comparison to the other questions.  Leaving this question, would definitely make you lose an opportunity.  But it is not wise to define, this opportunity, by spending excessive time over the problem.


As a normal practice, if any question looks diverted, or confusing, students tend to overlook it or refrain from working upon the problem. In here it is necessary to relate the problem with the real life situations, along with a blend of concepts. This amalgam would definitely protrude a solution to the problem.   It should be noticed that many of the problems are produced in a jumbled up fashion, thus increasing the complexity. These are time killers. One should not always be receptive to the notion of the question, as it is always intended to deceive one from the normal, thus exhibiting the motto of assessment.   One should always embark upon the concepts related to the specific problem and apply it to the problem in front of you.

Irrespective of how hard or easy the syllabus is, regular practice with consistency is the answer to all the questions. There are various approaches but every approach stands on the firm base of time and schedule.  Speed and accuracy is what this exam demands. If you are not maintaining this equilibrium, you may get into problem. As a rule, you cannot use calculators, thus mental calculations are an advantage over the manual scribbling. Finally the questions should be chosen wisely, as the cut off is usually 60% to 70%, to get through this exam.

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  1. Asha Tiwary
    May 12th, 2011 at 18:04 | #1

    I would like to add that stopping oneself from distractions, including the greed for boys and sex plays an important role.

    One should keep trying to solve a given question, till he either solves it or knows a lot of other things in the process.