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Aiptek WMT-PCH21K-WB pencam 8GB Camcorder Review

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Aiptek WMT-PCH21K-WB pencam 8GB Camcorder is the new camcorder available in the market for the cost of 129 dollars. This is a pencam meaning this camcorder is more like a pen and people taking a closer look alone will know that it is a camcorder. This has high definition record capability and it can record 720 pixels High definition videos without any hiccups. There is also still camera mode supported which offers 5 Mega pixels resolution. This also have mp3 playback capability thus, the user can use this as a camcorder, a digital camera and a mp3 player too. This camcorder comes with 8 Giga bytes of internal memory. The video recording is supported for 4 hours totally.

There is an USB interface available through which the user can connect to their PC or Mac machine. H.264 compression technique is implemented in this camcorder so this can capture high definition videos and compress them and store them in lesser space. There is also a HDMI output port through which the user can connect the camcorder to High definition television and play the recorded content present in the camcorder directly on the television. Aiptek WMT-PCH21K-WB pencam 8GB Camcorder has rechargeable built in lithium polymer battery. Aiptek WMT-PCH21K-WB pencam 8GB Camcorder provides 3X digital zoom and this might be the smallest camcorder made so far in the history.

Aiptek WMT-PCH21K-WB pencam 8GB Camcorder comes with sun visor stand, bike handlebar mount and the carrying case. Both the still image resolution and camcorder sensor resolution of this camcorder measures 5 Mega pixels. There is automatic white balance available in this camcorder, this also has ability to capture wide screen video content.

The minimum focus of the lens that is in Aiptek WMT-PCH21K-WB pencam 8GB Camcorder is 3.3 feet. The headphones which is required for audio play is supplied along with the camcorder. There is a built in flash light and also this helps the user a lot while taking pictures in the night time. The night mode functionality too helps user take pictures or shoot videos in lesser lit areas. This camcorder is really handy and portable, this allows the user to take it everywhere that the users wants to take this. This will be a great asset to reporters too as this can be used as a spy cam and the reporter can take videos without the knowledge of the other people. The user can also use the available USB port to share the contents that the user had taken using the camcorder. This provides the easy share access to the user, there is also driver CD ROM that comes along with the camcorder so it is easy for the user to install the same on their PC and use the camcorder with their PC.

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