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Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

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Sarah Burton, who is the designer for the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 collection needs to take a good luck at the trousers she designed for the men.  They are too baggy, and some of them are above the ankle, letting socks that do not match the outfit show.  The colors coordinate well together but the style was lacking.

One jacket that one of her male models was wearing looked like a smoking jacket that was popular decades ago.  It is black with some type of gold design, long sleeve, and comes almost to the back of his knees.  He is wearing a white shirt underneath, and the cuffs are too wide and look like they are flowing where they come from underneath the sleeves.  The model appears to be in his twenties, and this just does not seem like something a man of that age would wear.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Menswear

The next outfit has the model wearing the same type of white shirt with a black top over it.  The neckline of the over shirt is too wide and does not lay right on the shoulders of the model.  He is wearing what looks like white leggings, something that a female would wear.

Another outfit for the male will make him look like the butler of some rich person’s mansion.  The model has on what appears to be black tails, a white shirt with a high button collar, a pair of trousers that are grey with thin black stripes, and a silver looking vest.  To really make the outfit stand out, the model is wearing a pair of burgundy socks that you can clearly see at the edge of his trouser leg.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Menswear

The way the jackets button make them look like they were made for someone else to wear.  They do not have buttons down the front to fasten as regular jackets.  Instead, they have one button that is above the waist and when buttoned, the jacket looks sloppy and ill fitting.

The women’s outfits that are included in the Alexander McQueen spring 2011 collection look even worse, if that is possible.  One out fit has a black mini skirt, just a little longer than a cheerleader would wear, and the top looks like a high school band jacket.  This model is wearing a pair of black medium size heels that appear to either be tied on or buckled on, and she is wearing mustard colored socks.

Most of the outfits for the women are designed with the model figure in mind.  As short as the skirts are no woman that weighs over 125 pounds would be able to wear them without making themselves the laughing stock when they go anywhere. One of the outfit you may like is as follows

All the models appear to be wearing open toed lace up ankle boots with the same mustard colored socks.  If you weigh more than 125 pounds, then you should be checking out other spring 2011 collections because the Alexander McQueen 2011 spring collection is not for you.

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