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AMD Athlon ii 270 Processor

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AMD Athlon ii 270 is a dual core high end desktop processor clocked at 3.4 GHz. It has a total of 2 MB ( 1 MB in each of the two cores) L2 Cache. The Athlon ii x2 270 has integrated memory controller, which makes the processor to memory communication fast. The communication with the chipset is using fast differential 2.0 GHz HyperTransport Bus. The fast HyperTransport Bus reduces the bottleneck in the processor to peripheral communication.

Based upon the Regor core, the Athlon ii 270 is built with 45 nm technology and has 234 million transistors. Its L1 Cache consists of 128 KB instruction and 128 KB of data cache.

At the time of writing the Athlon ii 270 has not been released. Once released it will become the highest performing Athlon ii processor with Roger Core. The Athlon ii 270 improves upon the frequency of the Athlon ii 265 ( Clocked at 3.3 GHz) by 100 MHz or by 3.03% for the processor intensive tasks.

The Athlon ii 220 ( 2.8 GHz) has been the most popular and highest Selling Roger processor for AMD. The Athlon ii 270’s over 21% clock frequency improvement should give a significant processing power improvement.

The Athlon ii 270 fits in the AM3 socket for easy replacement in your existing motherboard. It has TDP rating of 65 Watts. When launched, its low cost could make it attractive choice for those looking for high end computing and gaming at low price. Any headroom for overclocking will make it even more attractive.

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