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AMD Athlon II N350 dual core mobile processor review

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AMD Athlon II N350 is one of the latest processors unveiled by AMD, which recently seen in Compaq CQ62Z series. The processor operates at the speed of 2.4 Mega hertz. AMD Athlon N350 is a dual core mobile processor for mid-level notebook or laptop. The CPU part number of the processor is AMN350DCR22GM and built on Danube platform. The code name of the processor is Champlain.

AMD Athlon II dual core N350 comes with 1 MB L2 cache shared equally to each core. The processor manufactured on 45nm SOI technology (Silicon on insulator). The instruction set is 64bit and core stepping is DA-C3. The package for Athlon dual core N350 processor is 638-pin micro-PGA and support S1 socket.

AMD Athlon II N350 processor comes with dual channel memory controller which supports only DDR3 memory and operates at the speed of 533MHz. Thus maximum data transfer rate is 1066MT/s. Athlon N350 processor connected with chipset by 16bit Hyper Transport 3.0 link operates at 1600MHz. Maximum processor to system bandwidth is 29.9 GB/s. The I/O bus transfers data with the speed of 3.6 GT/s maximum.

AMD Athlon N350 comes with 64 bits integrated floating point unit.

The TDP for AMD Athlon N530 processor is 35 watt. For low power features the processor comes with Power Now technology.

The significant features of AMD N530 dual core processor is it comes with AMD 64 bits technology which allows operating 64 bits application. It also incorporates Virtualization. So one can work with two operating systems in the same machine. Apart from this it comes with MMX technology and 3D Now to support multimedia and 3D games. It also supported by SSE4a.

The one of the significant differencse with AMD Athlon p340 processor is the clock frequency. The Athlon P340 processes at clock speed of 2.2GHz while Athlon N350 operates at speed of 2.4 GHz.

Another significant difference is their TDP. The Athlon P340 has TDP rate of 25watt but Athlon N350 is 35 watt.

Notebook with AMD Athlon II N350 dual core processor

1.compaq Presario CQ62Z series

The benchmark for AMD Athlon II N350 is as follows

Passmark score 1289

Other benchmarks are still not available.

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